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Business and Finance

Naming of New, Renovated and Existing University Facilities (II.B.3)

Volume II: Business and Finance
Chapter B: Gifts
Responsible Executive: Executive Vice President for Business and Finance and Treasurer
Responsible Office: University Development
Date Issued: September 27, 2002
Date Last Revised: June 30, 2012


Statement of Policy
Reason for This Policy
Individuals and Entities Affected by This Policy
Who Should Know This Policy
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Approval of the naming of new and renovated facilities on the campuses of Purdue University is vested with the Board of Trustees. The administration of this policy is delegated to the President of the University. All naming requests must adhere to the procedures outlined in this policy.


This document describes the policies and general procedures governing the naming of University Facilities, including new and renovated buildings, centers, laboratories and the interior and exterior spaces associated with them. These guidelines are developed to support, coordinate and manage the process to ensure consistency and uniformity in naming these structures and spaces on University campuses.


All colleges, schools, departments and other units of the University.


Vice Chancellors
Vice Presidents
Directors/Department Heads
University Development Staff
Business Office Staff


There are no exclusions to this policy.







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Policy Clarification

University Development Office



Campus Specific Questions

Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services


Fort Wayne:
Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs


North Central:
Vice Chancellor for Administration


West Lafayette:
Vice President for Development




Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees of The Trustees of Purdue University.

Capital Projects Council.

New and renovated buildings, centers, laboratories and the interior and exterior spaces associated with them, as well as new exterior areas that may or may not be associated with any particular building.

Purdue, University and Purdue University
Any campus, unit, program, association or entity of Purdue University, including but not limited to Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, Purdue University Calumet, Purdue University North Central, Purdue University West Lafayette, Purdue Cooperative Extension Service and Purdue University College of Technology Statewide.



  • Review for recommendation to the President all naming requests related to new, renovated and existing facilities in excess of $1 million.
  • Review for approval all naming requests on the West Lafayette campus anticipated to cost $500,000 to $1 million.


  • Review for approval all naming requests related to new, renovated and existing facilities on his or her campus anticipated to cost $1 million or less.


  • Review for recommendation to the Board of Trustees all naming requests related to new, renovated and existing facilities in excess of $1 million recommended by the CPC.


  1. Approvals

    The CPC will receive all naming requests related to new, renovated and existing facilities in excess of $1 million and make recommendations to the President, who will further recommend naming requests to the Board of Trustees for their action. At no time should promises or commitments regarding naming be made in advance of final project approval. Information and authorizations are needed in order to commit University planning and fund-raising resources and to provide appropriate coordination. Written agreements will be signed by the University and the donor(s) outlining the terms of all naming arrangements.

    On the West Lafayette campus, all projects anticipated to cost $500,000 to $1 million must be submitted to the CPC for approval prior to being presented to or discussed by advisory groups, potential donors or any other organization outside Purdue University. Naming opportunities offered to donors as part of a campaign to raise private support are to be coordinated through the University Development Office.

    On the regional campuses, all projects anticipated to cost $1 million or less must have the approval of the campus Chancellor prior to being presented to or discussed by advisory groups, potential donors or any other organization outside the University.
  2. Naming Process for New or Renovated Facilities Funded with Private Gifts
    1. Buildings

      To name a new or renovated building, donors are expected to provide the leadership gift of the total fund-raising cost of constructing or renovating the facility. The amount of the gift will vary with each individual situation. The donor may ask that the building bear his or her name or the names of family members or others the donors may wish to honor, subject to appropriate approvals.
    2. Spaces

      To name rooms, laboratories, centers or areas within new or renovated facilities, or external spaces such as entryways or gardens, donors must provide the minimum specified level of private gifts as determined by the appropriate college, school, department or unit, and, on the West Lafayette campus, the University Development Office. Such naming must have the appropriate approvals.

      It is suggested that an endowment fund also be obtained for the continuing operations and maintenance and the permanent repair and rehabilitation costs for gift-funded facilities.

      In the event that the area(s) to be named involves multiple schools, divisions or departments, the heads of all associated organizational units must be in agreement on naming opportunities and levels prior to submission to the CPC or Chancellor, as the case may be.

      It is important that naming opportunities for facilities that will derive some or all of their funding from private sources be defined and approved prior to the launch of the fund-raising effort. The most significant gifts will be solicited at the outset of the fund-raising campaign, and clarity and consistency with lead donors on the opportunities and policies is essential.

      An initial list of the proposed naming opportunities for any new facility or renovation project is to be submitted to the CPC or the Chancellor, as the case may be, along with the Capital Project Request for Assessment form (CPC-1). This list may be revised as planning proceeds and the fund-raising plan is developed.

      This initial list of proposed naming opportunities is to include a description of the size and function of all spaces proposed for naming, as well as a plan for the display or physical presentation of the names. The Guide for Planning Naming Opportunities for Facilities Campaigns available from the University Development Office outlines best practices and considerations in establishing naming opportunities for a project involving private support and should be consulted in developing the naming opportunities plan to submit to the CPC.

      Once 50 percent of the gifts and pledges has been committed, the unit must submit the Capital Project Feasibility Assessment (CPC-2) to appropriately inform, request administrative authorization and assess the feasibility of a proposed project prior to committing University funds. The CPC or the Chancellor, as the case may be, will review the assessment documentation and determine whether or not modifications to the project are necessary.

      Additional information on the CPC process, meeting schedule, and copies of the CPC-1 and CPC-2 forms can be found at the following website: www.purdue.edu/architect/project_mgmt/cpc/index.htm
  3. Naming of Facilities Based on Service

    A recommendation may be made to name a new or existing facility in honor of the service of an individual to the University, either as a member of the faculty/staff or as a volunteer. Such recommendations must be submitted to the CPC or the Chancellor, as the case may be, by the senior administrator of the college, school, department or unit along with justification and any explanatory materials.

    In the case of a new facility or renovation for which private support will be sought, the justification must explain how recognition for lead gifts will be handled and/or the fact that no gifts that would qualify for naming are expected.
  4. Naming Guidelines for Existing Facilities

    Existing facilities may be nominated to the CPC or the Chancellor, as the case may be, for naming by the senior administrator of the school, department or unit associated with the facility. The naming opportunities and levels are to be recommended by the nominating area based on the size, use and priority of the space. Naming may be for recognition of either giving or service as described above. Past giving to the school/department may be considered in recommending naming for the donor(s), unless this support has already been recognized through another naming opportunity.
  5. University Policy Regarding Named Facilities

    The naming of a facility is considered a permanent act, and it is expected that the designated name will not change except under certain circumstances. Any proposed name change must be formally submitted to the University and approved in writing by the University administration. All corporate naming requests must go to the gifts acceptance committee for approval. Labs may be named for a term of years.

    The plan for display of the names of the individual(s) being recognized, be it on an interior plaque or by incorporation into the exterior signage or design of the facility, must have the appropriate approvals. Planning and cost estimates for all such displays should be coordinated through Physical Facilities with the University architect or the Chancellor (or his or her designee), as the case may be.
  6. Groundbreaking and Dedication Events

    Any facility, including laboratories, classrooms and units within a facility, must have appropriate and consistent recognition for donors or honorees. Processes must be approved by the University Development Office or Chancellor (or his or her designee), as the case may be. On the West Lafayette campus, all facility events and gift announcements are to be planned and organized by University Development’s Special Events Office, unless otherwise approved.
  7. Related Funds Management Issues

    Guidelines and processes regarding gift-funded construction projects, including account establishment, cash flow management, maintenance funding and business office reporting requirements are established and administered by the comptroller. Questions on all such matters should be directed to the Office of the Comptroller.
  8. Exceptions

    Any exception to this policy will require the consideration and approval of the CPC. Members of the Council include: the President, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Vice President for Development, and Executive Vice President for Business and Finance and Treasurer.


Board of Trustees Bylaws: www.purdue.edu/bot/by_laws/index.shtml

Capital Projects Council (CPC) Forms 1 and 2

University Policies:


June 30, 2012: Authority to approve projects estimated to cost up to $1 million on a regional campus was granted to the Chancellors and the policy was formatted in the current template.

November 18, 2011: Policy number changed to II.B.3 (formerly IX.4.2).

September 27, 2002: This policy supersedes Executive Vice President and Treasurer Memorandum A-30, which was originally issued July 10, 1989.


There are no appendices to this policy.