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Safety Shoe Procedure

Physical Facilities/Partner Units
Responsible /Issuing Office:  Physical Facilities Human Resources

Original 6.1.2011/Revised /Effective 10.15.2015

This procedure has been developed to allow us to have a consistent direction throughout PF, P&CP and University Sustainability and to operate within the University policy in the most efficient manner while meeting our business needs.

Specific Procedures

Departments are responsible for payment of safety shoes as outlined in this procedure.

In accordance with Purdue Procedure and OSHA standard 29CFR1910.132, a Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Assessment must be completed for each position to determine the need for safety shoes.  This evaluation of footwear for Physical Facilities employees should include steel toe or specialty footwear as needed per the task assigned.  The departments are responsible for adding safety shoe requirements to the job description for the position.

As per Physical Facilities procedure and OSHA regulations, supervisors are required to enforce the usage of all prescribed PPE.

Regular full-time employees (temporary employees and students with supervisor approval) authorized to receive safety shoes will be given a form to complete and have signed by their supervisor.  Should employees wish to purchase shoes, they must pay for the shoes and turn in the receipt with this signed form to their supervisor for reimbursement.  Shoe reimbursement will occur in a timely manner.  New Purdue employees are eligible for reimbursement after completing their initial 90 days or immediately upon hire with their supervisor’s approval.

Each department is responsible for initiating the necessary paperwork to authorize the reimbursement of shoes for employees.  The supervisor will prepare a “Physical Facilities Authorization Form for Personal Protective Equipment-Safety Shoes” (Form 96).  This form will be signed by the affected employee and his/her supervisor.  For the employee to obtain their reimbursement, they will need to turn in their signed Form 96 along with their receipt to their supervisor.  The supervisor will turn in this information to their Fiscal Affairs business office contact for reimbursement.

Employees who are not required to wear safety shoes, but would like to purchase them, may do so at their own expense. 

Eligible employees may receive reimbursement based on the type of shoe as follows:

            Steel Toe Shoes/Boots                                                       up to $70.00/Year or $140/Two Years
            Steel Toe Shoes/Boots with metatarsal guards                     up to $85.00/Year or $170/Two Years
            Specialty Shoes (chemical resistant, non-conductive, etc.)    up to $85.00/Year or $170/Two Years