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Welcome to Physical Facilities Human Resources (PFHR)

Our Mission
Enabling Purdue University to be nationally and internationally recognized as an employer of choice through the strategic practice of human resource management.

Transition Human Resources into a more visionary and strategically-driven organization to effectively support the mission of Purdue University through:

  • Proactive, efficient, customer-focused HR service delivery
  • Thoughtful investments in supporting HR technologies and best practices
  • A culture of high performance, innovation and prudent risk-taking

Guiding Principles
We will achieve our vision by:

  • Aligning our services to the University’s strategic direction and core business needs
  • Providing high quality professional HR expertise
  • Being collaborative, consultative and supportive
  • Fostering and sustaining trusted relationships
  • Modeling inclusive behavior in all our interactions and services
  • Benchmarking our services to foster continuous learning and improvement
  • Facilitating culture change
  • Identifying and responding positively to new opportunities and challenges