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Our Staff

Name Position Phone
Jolene King Senior Director of Fiscal Affairs 765-494-4723
Carol Salts Assistant to the Senior Director 765-494-4723
Amanda M. Jackson Assistant Fiscal Director of Financial Operations 765-494-0894
Laura Chapman Assistant Fiscal Director of Financial Management 765-494-7561
Kaity Heide Secretary IV 765-494-3388
Budget Analysis
Pamela Staggs Financial Manager- Budget, HR, PFFA 765-494-9702
Buildings & Grounds
Janet Sanders Financial Manager Buildings & Grounds 765-494-4720
Mohab Noureldin Financial Assistant Buildings & Grounds 765-494-3838
Katy Harcourt Account Clerk IV 765-494-5848
Jeannine Helderman Technical Support 765-494-6250
Jacqueline Allen Fiscal Data Analyst 765-494-0722
John Nelson Fiscal Data Analyst 765-496-6705
Janessa Martin Financial Assistant - EHPS 765-494-6059
Maps and Records
Monica Christopher Archival Technician VII 765-494-0580
Bruce Dexter Archival Technician IX 765-494-5955
Mark Hickman GIS Technician IX 765-496-6825
Keith Paris GIS/BIS Coordinator 765-496-6826
Dean Romack GIS Technician VIII 765-496-7487
Vacant Visual Communications Designer 765-496-7611
Angela Slocum Manager of Maps and Records 765-496-1240
Jeff Wells GIS Technician 765-496-7488
Josh Wright Computer Operations/Technical 765-496-3190
Amy Brinkley Account Clerk V 765-496-2647
Morgan Hayden Account Clerk V 765-494-4872
Barbara Hubner Assistant Payroll Supervisor 765-494-4722
Constance Hughes Payroll Manager 765-494-4721
Rowanne Neal Account Clerk V 765-494-7167
Beth Timmons Account Clerk V 765-494-6115
Dale Bradford Materials Expeditor VIII 765-496-6577
Karen Buchholz Material Expediter VIII 765-494-0736
Pam Burns Purchasing Agent 765-494-7272
Daniel Dehn Lead Material Expeditor 765-494-4876
Kim Dimmick Material Expeditor VIII 765-494-5706
Deb Walker Assistant Buyer 765-494-8668
Judy Clare Clerk IV 765-494-5706
Steve Spencer Material Expeditor VIII 765-494-5849
Energy and Construction
Candace McCracken Account Clerk V 765-494-9272
Emma Zhang Financial Manager of PM&C and P&CP 765-496-7829
Vacant Fiscal Administrator 765-496-3063
Joyce Peck Account Clerk V 765-496-6295
Service Enterprises
Sabra Moulton Financial Manager 765-496-3194
Laurie Simmons Account Clerk V 765-496-7918
Energy and Construction
Deborah Johnson Clerk IV 765-494-2306
Tari Gemmecke Account Clerk V 765-496-3927
Marcella A. Cobleigh Fiscal Administrator- EES 765-494-7327
Denise Hale Account Clerk V 765-494-2306
Sally McGill Financial Manager of EES 765-494-3881
Work Request Center
Sherry McQueary Financial Assistant of WRC/WCC 765-494-8001
Carolyn Ake Clerk IV 765-494-0513
Jennifer Maxwell Account Clerk V 765-494-5848


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