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How we serve you
Physical Facilities Archives act as stewards for inactive Physical Facilities design and construction records.  We maintain, preserve, and provide access to records and information about the physical environment dating back to the early days of the University.  The materials and information we collect and maintain is used to aid in the planning, design, and maintenance of the University’s physical environment and its assets.
If you have any questions, please contact Bruce Dexter at 756-494-5955.  For more information about our records and resources please contact Angela Slocum at 765-496-1240.

Visits to the Archives
Even though our materials are considered working records the practical nature of our daily activities involves working with large volumes of materials in a variety of formats (physical and digital), conditions, and ages.  In order to keep our staff and materials safe and organized we ask the following from our visitors:

  • Please schedule time with us in advance.  This allows us time to prepare for the visit.  Depending on the request some materials maybe difficult to find or are unavailable, are fragile, or are located off-site.
  • Sign in and out on the log.  Please note the date, time, name, reason for visit.
  • Please ask for assistance retrieving materials in the upper drawers as well as materials that are fragile or difficult to retrieve.
  • No food or liquids are permitted in the vault area.
  • No marking on materials is permitted.
  • No pens are permitted in the vault area.  No writing instruments that produce red markings (i.e. red pencils, red ink pens) are permitted in the archives area.
  • Photographing materials is not permitted without permission or prior arrangement from the Manager of Maps and Records.
  • Materials are not allowed out of the building without permission or prior arrangement from archives staff, the GIS Coordinator, or the Manager of Maps and Records.

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