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Parking Facilities

Phone: (765) 494-9494

Purdue West Shopping Plaza
1404 W. State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2092


Phone: (765) 743-3442

Terminal Building, Room 201
1501 Aviation Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Transportation Service

Car/Van Rental: 765-494-2114
Charter Bus: 765-494-6550
Shop: 765-494-2121
After Hours: 800-213-3626

Physical Facilities Service
Building (PFSB)
775 Ahlers Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2013


Parking News

Parking citation follow-up notices now being issued electronically

Beginning January 13, 2014 all follow-up notices for parking citations that have been issued to students, faculty and staff will be sent electronically to their Purdue email accounts. Original citations will continue to be issued as paper tickets, typically placed on a vehicle’s windshield.

The emails will be issued by Parking Facilities (parking@purdue.edu), and the body of the emails will contain contact information for the Parking Facilities office. The follow-up notices will be attachments and will contain information regarding the citation, amount due and payment due date.

Previously, follow-up notices were sent via campus or U.S. Postal Service mail. Visitors who receive a parking citation while on campus will continue to have follow-up notices mailed to their physical address.

All follow-up notices are sent one time only and are emailed/mailed every Friday.

Please contact Parking Facilities at (765) 494-9497 with any questions on this process or to confirm the validity of a citation follow-up notice email.

C Garage and PGG Permit Reservation Process for 2014-2015
(Does NOT include C Lot or Residence Hall Permits)

C Garage and PGG Permit Reservation 2014-15 Process: Reservations will take place ONLINE ONLY at https://purdue.t2hosted.com/cmn/index.aspx

Currently registered students will have the opportunity to reserve a C Garage Permit (Northwestern-PGNW, Marsteller-PGM or Wood St.-PGW Garages) or a Grant St. Garage -PGG Permit (only valid in Grant St. Garage) according to your CURRENT SEMESTER CLASSIFICATION on the following schedule: Reservations may begin at 8AM on your scheduled day and close at 7:30AM the following day. You will only be eligible to reserve a permit on the day listed below. Once that date/time has passed, you will no longer be able to reserve a garage permit. When the allotted number of permits has been reserved, there will be no more garage reservations taken. Any outstanding citations will need to be paid before your reservation will be accepted.

  • Monday, April 21st for Graduate Students

  • Tuesday, April 22nd for Seniors (Semester 07-09)

  • Wednesday, April 23rd for Juniors (Semester 05-06)

  • Thursday, April 24th for Sophomores (Semester 03-04)

  • Friday, April 25th for Freshmen (Semester 01-02)

This is the reservation process only. Students that have reserved a garage permit will be notified via email when proof of address documentation will need to be submitted for approval to purchase the permit. Once you have received approval to purchase, permits will be available for online purchase beginning July 1, 2014.

Reserved permits must be purchased prior to August 30, 2014. As of September 1, 2014 your reservation will be forfeited. Please allow time for mailing when purchasing your permit online or choose to pick up your permit beginning August 1, 2014 in the Parking Facilities Office located in Purdue West. Permit restricted parking spaces may NOT be used until you have received the permit and it is properly displayed in the middle of the windshield.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 765-494-9497.

Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) Spaces

Parking Facilities has 4 Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) spaces in the Northwestern Parking Garage located at 504 Northwestern Avenue. The spaces are located on level F Black, ground level, north side. Anyone who drives an LEV is eligible to park in the spaces with a valid A permit. To see if your vehicle qualifies click here, LEV list.

Use Discovery Park Lot - Most Reliable "C" Spaces Located In This Lot

A "C" parking lot is available east of the Purdue Village Administration Building (PVAB). This lot is currently serviced at fifteen-minute intervals by the South Campus Bus Loop and at ten-minute intervals by the Gold Bus Loop. An improved access to the lot will allow the buses to enter the lot and board passengers. For a map of the "C" Parking Lot, click here.

Avoid Having Your Vehicle Towed During Athletic Events

Vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense from all lots surrounding the Ross-Ade football stadium, Mackey Arena, and the Intercollegiate Athletic Facility for home football, basketball, and volleyball games. These lots will be signed prior to the events. Vehicles must be moved prior to the times listed below OR AS OTHERWISE POSTED:

  • Football - 7 AM on game days
  • Volleyball - 5 PM on weekdays and 3 hours prior to game time on weekends
  • Basketball - 5 PM on weekdays and 3 hours prior to game time on weekends

Schedules may be found at: