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Content updates in process due to organizational changes

Welcome to the Campus Planning website. All functions previously addressed by the Physical and Capital Planning unit have been incorporated into the Physical Facilities organization, including the oversight of all activities associated with planning, financing and gaining approval for the construction of new facilities and the Repair and Rehabilitation program. In the coming weeks, the Campus Planning website will be reformatted. The structure and appearance of the information will be adjusted to reflect the updated organizational structure of the unit.

Purdue University’s Repair and Rehabilitation Program (R&R) has existed for more than 30 years. The program is part of Purdue’s overall Enterprise Risk Management Program and is focused on Purdue’s academic and administrative facilities and the campus infrastructure that supports these facilities. The academic and administrative buildings and infrastructure on the West Lafayette campus have a current replacement value estimated at $4.370 billion. The total replacement value, across the entire plant including Athletics and Housing and Food Service facilities exceeds $5.9 billion. Campus Planning along with staff from Physical Facilities estimates that the academic and administrative facilities and infrastructure have a deferred R&R backlog of just over $428 million.

The R&R Program for the West Lafayette Campus has evolved over the years to become a comprehensive, data-driven program. In January 2005, the Physical Facilities department implemented an inspection program that included Senior Level Engineers, Architects and other highly experienced staff. This group identified as R&R Component Champions is charged with the physical inspection of all academic and administrative facilities, documenting deficiencies as defined by the program. The inspection documents, prepared by the Component Champions, include the type of deficiency, a project scope to correct the deficiency and an estimate for the total cost of the project. In many cases Component Champions use photos to assist in the documentation, which also assists when conducting future inspections. The information from the inspection documents is entered into an R&R master database and scanned. This information is used by the program, during future inspections, by campus planning staff, when preparing reports for University administration and by the State of Indiana as required for the overall management of the program. Additionally, it's through these inspections that the R&R Program is able to document and report the annual growth of deferred R&R, which over the last 3 years has averaged $45 million.