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Consultant Selection

Content updates in process due to organizational changes

Welcome to the Campus Planning website. All functions previously addressed by the Physical and Capital Planning unit have been incorporated into the Physical Facilities organization, including the oversight of all activities associated with planning, financing and gaining approval for the construction of new facilities and the Repair and Rehabilitation program. In the coming weeks, the Campus Planning website will be reformatted. The structure and appearance of the information will be adjusted to reflect the updated organizational structure of the unit.

Projects Over $2,000,000


To ensure that architectural and engineering firms hired for capital projects within the Purdue University System have the appropriate qualifications and expertise and are reviewed by the University Architect (UA) and University Engineer (UE) prior to the proposed project engagement.

Selection Process:

The selection process begins after a project is approved by the Capital Projects Council (CPC) and a funding plan for the project is in place. The selection process commences with a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) letter that is sent to interested design firms, including all firms in the State of Indiana that expressed interest in projects at Purdue. The letter outlines the basics of the project including:

  • User group vision
  • Estimated construction and total project cost
  • Site location
  • User group project specific requirements

Submitted RFQs are organized into three categories:

  • In-State team
  • In-State/Out of State team
  • Out of State team

The RFQs are then evaluated by a combination of the following people:

  • User Group representative(s)
  • University Architect
  • University Engineer
  • Purdue Project Manager for the project
  • Director of Space Management and Academic Scheduling

Interview Process:

The selection committee develops a short list and asks the User Group to develop a detailed list of questions for the interview process. The User Group's questions in conjunction with the University Architect's and University Engineer's questions are used as the basis of the interview. Firms are asked to respond to the questions in writing prior to the interview. The answers provided to the questions are the basis of the interview and subsequently provided to the interview committee for review.

The interview committee is formed from a core group (*) along with the User Group representative(s) and comprised of the following campus representatives:

  • University Architect (Non-voting member)
  • University Engineer
  • Faculty representative from the Architecture, Landscape, Design and Planning (ALDP) Faculty Senate Committee
  • Space Management and Academic Scheduling
  • Purdue's Project Manager
  • User Group representatives, from 2-6 people
  • Director of Campus Master Planning 

All interviews are scheduled on a single day with an expected outcome of selecting a firm for recommendation to Purdue Administration. This recommendation is communicated through the Director of Campus Planning to the Treasurer for approval, or as part of the material recommended for approval at the next Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting. An interview with the University's President or another representative may be required prior to ratification at the board meeting.

Guidelines for firms attending the interview process:

  • Electronic media, display boards, models, brochures and other formal presentation materials are not permitted for the interview
  • Team members interviewing should be the people that will be working on the project on a day to day basis
  • Design team members are expected to provide their anticipated M/WBE participation on the project

The intent of the interview process is to:

  • Follow up on the responses to the questions
  • Develop an understanding of the proposed design team's vision, style, and past experience on similar types of projects
  • Allow the User Group to evaluate the assembled design team and determine if the fit will successfully meet the goals and objectives of the project

Specific project criteria used for the evaluation may include:

  • Design Team's specific project experience
  • Design Team's Project Manager
  • Project specific understanding of the program
  • Team's design ability based on examples of past work shared in its response to the RFQ
  • Project consultant's value to the Design Team
  • Design Team's working relationship with their consultants
  • Rapport between the Design Team and the User Group
  • M/WBE significant and meaningful participation

Project Studies and Master Plans

The selection process for project studies and master plans is similar to the “Projects Over $2,000,000” process and can be initiated after CPC-1 (concept) approval by the Capital Projects Council (CPC).  The intent of these studies is to develop the parameters and guidelines required for a formal submission to the CPC as well as to support necessary fund raising by providing graphic images and information about the proposed project.  These studies are typically in short duration, 4-6 months, and require deliverables similar to a Schematic Design submission, along with graphic images for fund raising presentations.  Funding of Project Studies and Master Plans are typically paid by the unit.

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