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Capital Coordinating Committee (C3)

The C3 is tasked to meet with Deans and Vice Presidents on a biennial basis to understand key facility needs, review individual capital project applications prior to CPC review to ensure consistency with the Campus Master Plan, analyze site related issues for all projects and review/develop financial projections and business models to ensure the long-term sustainability of proposed projects. The C3 will also review CPC submissions and recommend the appropriate action to the CPC.

Members Include:

  • Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer (Co-Chair) **
  • Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Provost(Co-Chair) **
  • Senior Vice President for Business Services, Assistant Treasurer **
  • Vice President for Physical Facilities **
  • Director of Physical and Capital Planning **
  • Director of Space Management and Academic Scheduling *
  • University Architect
  • University Engineer
  • Senior Director of Project Management and Construction
  • Director of Sustainability
  • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Senior Dean
  • Research Designee
  • University Senate Representatives (2)
  • Director of Campus Master Planning
  • Senior Repair & Rehabilitation and Data Program Manager

* Positions marked with this symbol are members of the Capital Projects Council and C3 executive committee
** Designates members of the C3 executive committee

Org. Chart