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Campus Master Planning

All functions previously addressed by the Physical and Capital Planning unit have been incorporated into the Physical Facilities organization. In the coming weeks, this website will be decommissioned, and the information contained here will be integrated into the Energy and Construction website. The structure and appearance of the information will be adapted to fit within the existing Energy and Construction website and to reflect the updated organizational structure of the unit.

Campus Master Planning staff facilitates physical planning for the West Lafayette and regional campuses and oversees site/site-systems related design standards.  In addition, the campus planning staff:

  • Develops conceptual designs and conceptual cost estimates for all site/site-systems related projects on the West Lafayette campus.
  • Encourages and support the use of best management practices for site/site-systems designs.
  • Reviews all internally and externally designed projects to ensure consistency with established site/site-systems design standards.
  • Provides planning support for projects submitted to the Capital Projects Council for review.
  • Facilitates all land surveying projects.
  • Facilitates the campus master planning process which includes:
    • Recommending sites and or site options for new buildings on all campuses
    • Assuring that all proposed building sites, exterior spaces and site features are consistent with the Campus Master Plan
    • Maintaining and updating the West Lafayette Campus Master Plan
    • Assisting the regional campuses with master planning efforts and updates
    • Facilitating and collaborating with the West Lafayette Campus Master Planning Committee
    • Maintaining and updating the Campus Master Plan Presentation and sharing it with the campus community

West Lafayette Campus Master Plan:


The West Lafayette Campus Master Plan Principles:

  • Promote compact growth within the existing campus
  • Establish State Street as a collaborative district
  • Create program synergies through strong mixed-use districts
  • Encourage a simple integrated transportation system with a perimeter parkway
  • Preserve the western lands

west lafayette campus photo

Regional Campus Master Plans

These Purdue University Master Plan maps are only to be used as planning tools. They depict only one set of possibilities with everything subject to change.

All files are in PDF format. You can download the Reader free from Adobe's web site. The PDF files are very detailed. Please be patient as they download.

Purdue University Calumet Master Plan

Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Master Plan

Purdue University North Central Campus Master Plan

Historic Campus Master Plans




1924 master plan graphic 1986 master plan 1986 master plan