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Capital Improvement Budget Request

Content updates in process due to organizational changes

Welcome to the Campus Planning website. All functions previously addressed by the Physical and Capital Planning unit have been incorporated into the Physical Facilities organization, including the oversight of all activities associated with planning, financing and gaining approval for the construction of new facilities and the Repair and Rehabilitation program. In the coming weeks, the Campus Planning website will be reformatted. The structure and appearance of the information will be adjusted to reflect the updated organizational structure of the unit.

The budget process begins during even-numbered years with the State Budget Agency and the Commission for Higher Education jointly issuing Biennial Budget Instructions to state universities.  The instructions provide guidance to state universities in submitting requests for authorization of new capital projects, repair and rehabilitation formula funding, and debt service for previously approved capital projects.  Each state university prepares and submits a Capital Improvement Budget Request.  The Capital Budget Request covers one-time expenditures for the construction and maintenance of university facilities.  Additionally, the state universities submit schedules outlining the required funds for debt payments on state facilities, known as fee replacement.  State universities pledge student fee revenue to back debt they issue for new facilities.  While the state cannot issue debt in its own name, it can “replace” the funds pledged against that debt by the university…hence the term, “fee replacement.”

Previous Requests:

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Capital Improvement Budget Request 2013-2015 (PDF) pdf icon