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Capital Projects Council (CPC)

Content updates in process due to organizational changes

Welcome to the Campus Planning website. All functions previously addressed by the Physical and Capital Planning unit have been incorporated into the Physical Facilities organization, including the oversight of all activities associated with planning, financing and gaining approval for the construction of new facilities and the Repair and Rehabilitation program. In the coming weeks, the Campus Planning website will be reformatted. The structure and appearance of the information will be adjusted to reflect the updated organizational structure of the unit.

Capital Projects Council (CPC)

The Capital Projects Council (CPC), chaired by the President, reviews and approves all Purdue projects for the construction of new facilities and new uses of University land. In addition, the Council reviews facilities additions, renovations and/or capital improvement projects estimated to cost $500,000 or more, and sculptures, monuments, artwork, memorials or any other site features, prior to being presented to or discussed by advisory groups, prospective donors, or any other organization outside Purdue University. The Council generally meets every other month.

Prior to submission, the CPC forms (defined below) and supporting documentation must first be reviewed and approved by the Department Head, Dean/Fiscal Officer and the President's Direct Report, as appropriate. Forms and related documents then should be submitted to the University Architect, according to the CPC Calendar below.

  • Capital Projects Approval Request (CPC-1)
    • The Project Concept Approval request (CPC-1) is used to inform the Capital Projects Council, assess the proposed project concept and request administrative authorization prior to being presented to or discussed by advisory groups, prospective donors or any other organization outside of Purdue University.

We are currently experiencing technical issues, so please note that, depending on your browser and/or operating system, these documents may take more time than usual to open. Please save the form to your computer before filling in the fields. You may contact pfcom@purdue.edu with any issues.

      • CPC-1 Form (PDF) pdf icon
  • Capital Projects Project Proposal (CPC-2)
    • Following CPC-1 approval, Project Proposal (CPC-2) is used for the Capital Projects Council to review the project proposal documentation and its feasibility.
      • CPC-2 Form (PDF) pdf icon
  • Request for Professional Services (RPS)
    (Original, signed RPS must be received by Project Management and Construction or Campus Planning before the process can begin.)
  • Capital Project Request for Assessment

CPC Calendar

March 6, 2014

Announcement of CPC Submission Dates (PDF) pdf icon

CPC Forms Submission Deadline

C3 Meetings

CPC Meeting Date


For all projects over $2,000,000, once the Capital Projects Council (CPC) has approved a project proposal and its funding plan has been approved by the Treasurer, it becomes eligible for consideration for project approval under the by-laws of the Trustees of Purdue.

To learn more about the Board of Trustees, visit www.purdue.edu/bot/

If you have questions regarding completion of the forms or the process, please contact the University Architect, (765) 494-8003, or the Director of Campus Planning, (765) 496-6300.