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Physical and Capital Planning (P&CP)

All functions previously addressed by the Physical and Capital Planning unit have been incorporated into the Physical Facilities organization. In the coming weeks, this website will be decommissioned, and the information contained here will be integrated into the Energy and Construction website. The structure and appearance of the information will be adapted to fit within the existing Energy and Construction website and to reflect the updated organizational structure of the unit.

Physical and Capital Planning oversees all activities associated with planning, financing, gaining approval for construction of new facilities and the Repair and Rehabilitation Program. In addition, is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date inventory and assessment of all physical facilities and ensuring that all capital processes are evolving toward a more efficient and sustainable campus. The responsibility of the P&CP staff is to:

  • Ensure that capital projects are planned and designed in accordance with the University strategic plan, campus master plan and campus design standards

  • Provide oversight of all Physical and Capital Planning activities including prioritizing resource allocations and coordinating the capital planning approval processes

  • Coordinate the activities of the Capital Projects Council

  • Oversee the biennial process for the development of the legislative capital request

About Us

Physical & Capital Planning (P&CP) is part of the Physical Facilities organization at Purdue University.  We serve our clients through quality planning and professional support throughout the capital planning process to support effective stewardship of the University's physical assets.

Our department is comprised of the following areas which, together, serve the University community’s facilities planning needs:

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Our Mission

To create and sustain facilities that are safe, functional and meet the architectural vision for the campus. Our work entails preplanning and design of new facilities, renovation of existing facilities, planning new uses of university lands and the selection of site features including sculptures, monuments, memorials and exterior art work. This mission is guided by the University Master Plan and is in accordance with the University Strategic Plan that is approved by the President and Board of Trustees.  All development is subject to the by-laws of the University and statutes of the State of Indiana that pertain to capital projects. Integral to our mission is to develop a campus that unifies Purdue University, the City of West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County.

Our Role

Physical & Capital Planning is responsible for planning and oversight of the long-range physical development for each of the campuses within the Purdue University system. All initial plans for campus development, including planning studies and conceptual designs for new buildings, major remodeling, site development and any site features are processed through this area.

Campus design standards for architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, ADA compliance and/or related disciplines are established and maintained by our staff. Our senior staff reviews all projects and collaborates with staff from Energy and Construction (E&C) to ensure compliance with campus standards.

Physical & Capital Planning collaborates with local municipalities and state agencies on planning and information management projects that benefit the Purdue system and its neighboring communities.

For projects throughout the University system that require the consulting services of professional architects or engineers and where a formal selection process is required by the Board of Trustees, P&CP is responsible for the design/engineering consultant selection process.

Our Responsibility

  • Campus master planning and the capital project planning process
  • Architectural Selection for all capital projects
  • Campus design standards for project planning; ADA implementation; Exterior material selection for campus buildings
  • Initial project scope, schedule and budget development for specific capital projects
    • Initial project budget for
      • Site development
      • Utilities/Infrastructure
      • Program space
  • Selection of exterior building finishes and materials
  • Facilitation of the Capital Coordinating Committee (C3) and Capital Projects Council (CPC) meetings
    • Assist in the gathering of documentation for presentation to committee(s)
    • Edit presented information and distribute for CPC meeting
  • Project documentation development for Board of Trustee meetings
  • Project documentation development for State Approvals
    • Indiana Commission on Higher Education (ICHE)
    • State Budget Agency
    • Governor
    • General Assembly
  • Review capital projects for conformance to departmental design standards
  • Preliminary project budget development for specific capital projects
    • Compile historical information for budget development
  • Ten-Year Capital Budget Request development
    • Seek out and facilitate needs from all colleges and schools
    • Document administrative areas
    • Establish conceptual scope, schedule and budget for each new facility request by deans/vice presidents
    • Work with Space Management and Academic Scheduling (SMAS) and deans/vice presidents to consolidate and finalize facility need list
    • Present consolidated facility needs list to C3 for approval and submittal to Capital Projects Council (CPC) and Board of Trustees (BOT)


Physical & Capital Planning supports sustainable design and construction and is working to incorporate sustainable practices into all University capital projects. 


U.S. Green Building Council

P&CP staff that have successfully completed the LEED Accredited Professionals program for Building Design + Construction:

Jim Knapp, PE, LEED® AP
Don Staley, ASLA, PLA, LEED® AP
Brooke Sammons, ASLA, PLA, LEED® AP
Jeff Rhodes, LEED® AP


The LEED AP BD+C credential provides a standard for professionals participating in the design and construction phases of high-performance, healthful, durable, affordable and environmentally sound commercial, institutional, and high-rise residential buildings. The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) created this specialty credential to denote practical knowledge of the Green Building Design + Construction LEED rating systems: LEED for New Construction, LEED for Schools and LEED for Core & Shell.

Staff Directory

Name Title Phone
Fusaro, Larry University Architect (765) 494-8003
Bender, Lee Survey Project Manager (765) 494-0884
Sammons, Brooke Landscape Architect (765) 494-3425
Collier, John Director of Campus Master Planning (765) 494-6882
DeMais, Jay Civil Engineering Estimator/Designer-Surveyor (765) 494-8004
Fusaro, Larry University Architect (765) 494-8003
Green, Kevin Assistant Director, Capital Planning (765) 494-9952
Berglan, Linda Data Analyst (765) 496-9417
Knapp, Jim Senior Civil Engineer (765) 494-3417
Moore, Keith Senior Repair and Rehabilitation (R&R)
and Data Program Manager
(765) 494-9501
Morrow, Belinda Assistant to Director (765) 494-8002
Rhodes, Jeff Architectural Assistant (765) 494-9648
Staley, Don Senior Landscape Architect (765) 494-3424