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Purdue University course to support Open Compute Challenge

Course listing: Comp Innovate Design Challenge - 67153 - CNIT 58100 - CID
Tuesday/Thursday 9-10:15am

This course is limited to 20 students.
Instuctor permission required from Dr. J.Eric Dietz, Professor Lonnie Bentley, or Dr. Mark French.

Tech Ventures Sponsors Open Compute Challenge

Purdue College of Technology's new entrepreneurship program, Tech Ventures, has teamed up with the Open Compute Project to create a competition to involve students in the open source hardware movement. The inaugural challenge is to create a biodegradable server chassis.

Biodegradable Server Chassis

Why a biodegradable server chassis?

Servers are typically replaced about every four years. This is necessary to maintain fast, reliable equipment. Unfortunately, it also results in a lot of waste. The Open Compute Project wants to change this, starting with the server chassis. These are typically made of steel, which is recyclable, but even recycling generates waste. What would happen if these chassis could be placed in compost instead?

What's in it for you?

A chance to be a rock star in the open source hardware movement. Your team will get a server to use to try new designs. Also a trip to attend the Open Compute Summit to present the winning design to information technology industry leaders. Purdue will help the winner create a prototype.