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November 2005
Issue 4

Craig Fee, an accounts receivable expert at OnePurdue, leads a workshop on cashiering, one of 29 on a variety of topics that the Finance Team conducted during August, September and October. These events have been instrumental in identifying future Purdue business processes, policies and procedures. They will also help determine how the new mySAP ERP software will be configured to best meet Purdue’s needs. In addition to the Finance Team's workshops, the Human Resources Team conducted 23 of its own during the same period. The Enrollment and Student Affairs Team recently began its workshops. Read more about this part of OnePurdue's Blueprint Phase in the story below.
Photo by Steve Jones
photo of craig fee


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Changes made to scope and schedule for financial package

OnePurdue workshops: Purdue people talking to Purdue people

First town-hall meetings a success

Project staff honored for Purdue service

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Changes made to scope and schedule for financial package

Changes to the project scope approved Oct. 6 will lead to a couple of adjustments to the release scheduled for finance.

The scope has now been expanded to include SAP’s inventory and warehouse management modules for the West Lafayette campus. In addition, the plant maintenance module will, for now, only be released for West Lafayette. The Calumet, Fort Wayne and North Central campuses will be brought in at a future date.

Because the plant maintenance and inventory modules are so tightly integrated, it was decided to add the inventory and warehouse management module in order to take advantage of efficiencies built into SAP for these modules.

All Purdue campuses will eventually be using both SAP’s plant maintenance and inventory modules, said Theresa Ashman, the functional team lead for financials. In addition, Maximo will continue to be used for some functions that do not interface with OnePurdue, although it will ultimately be retired as standard functionality within the SAP software suite is implemented.

A small change to the scheduled release of finance occurred when release of the travel and effort-reporting components of the new financial systems was moved to January 2007 to coincide with the release of Human Resource’s payroll module. The entire financial package had been scheduled to “go live” all at once in October 2006, but because travel and effort reporting are dependent on the HR data, it was decided to hold off on these two financial pieces until employee self-service becomes available with the second HR release in January, Ashman said.

“We could still go ahead and include the travel and effort-reporting modules with the rest of the finance software in October,” she said, “but since they are so closely integrated with payroll, we would have had to create temporary interfaces and process workarounds for just three months, and that didn’t seem very efficient.

“By adjusting the schedule this way, though, we’ll have a stable new finance system in place to support the new travel-reimbursement and effort-reporting applications.”

The first HR rollout, which will only involve e-recruitment, is still planned to be released in October 2006 along with the bulk of the new finance applications.

A general outline of the entire OnePurdue project scope can be found here.

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OnePurdue workshops: Purdue people talking to Purdue people

photo of sheryl gick

Sheryl Gick, an HR/Payroll business process expert on OnePurdue’s Human Resources Team, leads a workshop on Position Budgeting and Control.
Photo by Steve Jones

Currently in the second of five project phases (the “blueprint” phase), OnePurdue’s Human Resources and Finance Teams recently finished conducting numerous process-validation workshops, which were designed to help the project team identify future business processes, policies and procedures. They will also help determine how the new mySAP ERP software will be configured to best meet Purdue’s needs.

“The 23 HR workshops we held really lived up to their name,” said Susan M. Davis, the functional lead for Human Resources. “They were, indeed, work!”

A significant part of these workshops, Davis said, was the involvement of colleagues throughout the university system.

“With such a flexible system, it’s important to talk with people who have first-hand business experience at Purdue,” she said, “Doing this is not only helping us give shape to the way Purdue will operate in future, but is also allowing us to make the best possible decisions about how the HR component of OnePurdue will look.”

Theresa Ashman, the functional lead for financials, whose team conducted 29 workshops over a two-month period, agreed that the contribution of participants was an invaluable component. “Staff throughout the university spent considerable time and effort to help with this,” she said.

The feedback that resulted from this helped to change the business-process outcome, Davis said, citing the time and attendance workshops as an example.

“There was terrific discussion about how to create data-collection codes that would be easy to use and provide accurate information,” she said. “After the workshop, the time and attendance materials were revised substantially, and we now have a much improved product.”

Ashman said that just presenting the workshops had benefits for her team.

“When we started these, we felt it was important for the OnePurdue team members to lead the workshops and field questions themselves,” Ashman said. “This forced our staff to come up to speed very quickly. Basically, we wanted Purdue people to talk to Purdue people.”

Davis cautioned that since the workshops were not training sessions, no one should feel “left behind” if they were unable to attend.

“During the Blueprint Phase, we needed to keep the groups pretty small to encourage discussion and allow for effective interaction,” Davis said, noting that the PowerPoint slides used during each of the HR workshops are posted on the OnePurdue Web site for anyone to review.

“Keep in mind that although these materials don't reflect the changes suggested by participants during the workshops, they can provide an general idea of the topics that were covered, in addition to some of the new terminology that we will be learning together.”

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First town-hall meetings a success

The final two in the first series of town hall-style meetings about OnePurdue were held Nov. 7 and 8 at the North Central campus.

A total of eight town-hall meetings were held over the past two months. Presented by OnePurdue Executive Director Gary Newsom, they gave a general overview of the project to audiences at all four campuses. The second series, “An Overview of Changing Policies and Processes,” will be presented by process owners early spring semester in 2006. Watch this newsletter and the OnePurdue Web site for schedules as they become available within the next few weeks.

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Project staff honored for Purdue service

Several members of the OnePurdue team were honored for their years of service to Purdue at the Executive Vice President & Treasurer's Service Recognition Luncheon Oct. 25 in the Purdue Memorial Union.

Executive Director Gary Newsom
led OnePurdue with 40 years of service — one of only two so honored. By team, the others recognized from the project team were:

Data and Infrastructure Team
Kent De La Croix (25 years)
Clif Ivy (35 years)
Bob Mitchell (10 years)
Donna Muir (20 years)
Mike Welborn (10 years)

Enrollment and Student Affairs Team
Joe Faulkner (20 years)
Coleen Karle (15 years)
Brenda Knebel (10 years)

Finance Team
Pam Bower (20 years)
Amy Copas (10 years)
Pat Kretzmann (20 years)

Human Resources Team
Susan M. Davis (25 years)
Debbie Dillman-Crowell (35 years)
Susan Newton (15 years)

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OnePurdue acronyms

As anyone new to Purdue quickly learns, the University seems to swim in a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms — hundreds, if not thousands, of them. (Click here to for a sample.) With OnePurdue touching nearly every aspect of campus life, this project is no different. In fact, not only do team members use Purdue acronyms, but continue to learn new ERP- and SAP-related ones as well. A more comprehensive list (which is always growing) can be found on the OnePurdue Web site, but here are a few of the acronyms you might hear around the office:

ASAP Accelerated SAP
AVC Availability Control
BW Business Warehouse
CICS Customer Information Control System
CM Campus Management
EAI Enterprise Application Integration
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FI Finance
FM Funds Management
FMIS Financial Management Information System
GM Grants Management
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HR Human Resources
HRIS Human Resource Information System
IM/WM Inventory/Warehouse Management
IRB Institutional Review Board
IRM Information Resource Management
ITaP Information Technology at Purdue
ITEA ITaP Enterprise Applications
PBC Position, Budget and Control
PM Plant Maintenance
PMDES Person Master Data Enterprise Services
PMO Project Management Office
PUID Purdue University IDentification Number
RICE Reports, Interfaces, Conversions and Enhancements
SEVIS Student Exchange Visitor Information System
SOW Statement of Work
SPS Sponsored Programs Services
SRM Supplier Relationship Management
WBS Work Breakdown Structure

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Meet the team

Each month we profile a few of the more than 100 individuals that make up the OnePurdue project team. In this issue, you will meet members of the Finance, Enrollment and Student Affairs, and Data and Infrastructure Teams. (Photos by Steve Jones)

photo of nancy allrich

During her 14 years at Purdue, Nancy Allrich has served the University as a business manager, training coordinator and for two years as a business analyst in Purchasing Services, where she worked on the Ariba e-procurement system before joining the OnePurdue Finance Team as a purchasing expert. Nancy has received a 2002 associate’s degree in computer technology and a bachelor’s in organizational leadership and supervision in 2005 – both from Purdue. She was also certified in targeted selection interviewing by the University in 2002. Before the start of the OnePurdue project, she and her husband, Rod, served as faculty fellows at Harrison Hall. The couple and their 10-year-old son, Jake, have completed two Indy Mini Marathons in 2004 and 2005, and will soon begin training for next year’s event. Having grown up on a dairy farm in Clear Lake, Wis., Nancy is now a soccer mom living on a small “hobby farm” in West Point, Ind., where her family includes a cat and two Newfoundland dogs. In addition to enjoying walks in the country, Nancy loves concerts, and is looking forward to seeing Elton John’s Indianapolis show in November.

Rich Wells has served Purdue for 31 years, the last 14 of which as the bursar at the West Lafayette campus before joining OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs Team as an expert on student accounts. He received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Michigan University in 1974, a master’s in educational administration from Purdue in 1978, and became a certified Zenger-Miller Facilitator in 2000. During his career at Purdue, Rich has been involved with several University groups, including the Campus Appeals Board, Student Insurance Committee, Residency Review Committee and Beering Scholarship Selection Committee. He has also spoken at numerous conferences and served on the planning team for the national American Association of Universities Bursar's Conference. He is especially proud of two Excellence 21 awards that the Bursar's Office received for process re-engineering during his tenure there. Rich has been married to his wife, Linda, for 29 years. They have two sons: Bradley, who recently graduated from Purdue, and Timothy, a senior at Lafayette Jefferson High School who will be attending Purdue next fall. Rich is also active in his church, where he currently serves as chairman of the deaconate. He enjoys spending summer weekends with his family lying on the beach of Lake Michigan, in addition to fishing and camping trips with his sons – especially those that take them into Canada.

photo of rich wells

photo of brian oswalt

A member of OnePurdue’s Data and Infrastructure Team, Brian Oswalt is part of its Business Warehouse group, which is working to ensure that the data the University needs for its future reports will be available and in the correct format. He graduated from Purdue in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, and later worked for five years designing control systems for automated-handling equipment and Caterpillar generator sets. Wanting more technical training, Brian returned to Purdue in 2000 to pursue a second bachelor’s, this time in computer programming technology, which he received in 2002. During that period, he ended up working part time for Purdue in the Data Administration Department. In 2003, he was hired as a data architect by ITaP’s Enterprise Applications unit, where he developed data cubes for the Institutional Data Network. “In addition to being involved with something so important to the University, I’m excited to see how a well-designed computer system can improve the way all of Purdue does business,” Brian said, explaining why he wanted to be a part of OnePurdue. Even more important to him is his wedding in November. “I am very excited, looking forward to starting a family and learning to serve and love my wife.”

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Learn more about OnePurdue

Explore the new OnePurdue Web site at http://www.purdue.edu/onepurdue. We are adding new content, updating information and improving it every day, so check back often for the latest news and information about this important project.

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