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November 2007
Issue 22


Photo of Bob Kubat
Photo by Steve Jones
University Registrar Bob Kubat answers a question during a Nov. 5 town hall meeting about the new OnePurdue student systems. Read more below.
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OnePurdue completes successful update of system software
New student systems discussed at town hall meetings
“OnePurdue will propel us into the future”
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OnePurdue completes successful update of system software
OnePurdue finished a major system upgrade Nov. 12, bringing it up to date with the current SAP software. (SAP applications form the core of the University’s new financial and human resource (HR) systems.)

“This was a great cooperative effort involving several OnePurdue teams,” said Jeff Whitten, associate vice president for ITaP Enterprise Applications and OnePurdue’s chief architect. “So far, the system appears to be functioning just as we expected it would.”

This was the culmination of a complex process that began Oct. 1, when members of the OnePurdue team began installing (and testing) “support packs” for several primary system components, including:
Photo of Jeff Whitten
  • SAP ERP 6.0
  • SAP SRM 5 (Supplier Relationship Management)
  • The OnePurdue Portal
  • Business Warehouse (BW)
  • System Interfaces

Similar to when Microsoft releases service packs to correct problems with its Windows operating system (for example, XP SP2), OnePurdue’s updates addressed more than 7,000 individual fixes and changes in the SAP software, updating tables, adding new forms and correcting various software errors.

It also allows Purdue to run important year-end payroll work and generate employee W-2 forms in January.

OnePurdue had been using Version 4 of the ERP 6.0 and SRM 5 software, but is now running Version 10. (The HR/Payroll modules are part of ERP 6.0.) The portal, Business Warehouse and interface modules — collectively known as SAP NetWeaver — were updated from Version 10 to 12.

New SAP Browser Support
As part of this upgrade, there have been changes to which Internet browsers are supported by SAP. Click here to read in-depth details about which OnePurdue components are compatible with which browsers and operating systems. (This information also has been compiled into a one-page quick-reference card; click here to view or download it.)

The new Microsoft Windows Vista OS and Microsoft Office 2007 will not be compatible with SAP until a new version of the SAP GUI (graphical user interface) is ready. Testing of this OnePurdue component is underway, and the team tentatively plans to release it in late November.

As new browsers, operating systems and other applications that interact with OnePurdue become available, information about their compatibility with SAP will be updated on the OnePurdue Web site.

An Semi-Annual Event
These SAP software updates will be a semi-annual event with OnePurdue. “We plan to do support pack updates twice a year from now on,” said OnePurdue Integration Manager Jim Skiles. “That way, we should be able to move everything into production over a weekend, completing the process in a couple days instead of the three-and-a-half it took this time.”

“Our principal goal with installing these support packs was to get the OnePurdue systems updated to the most current versions of SAP software,” Whitten said. “We don't expect new functionality with these upgrades, but because this went so smoothly and ahead of schedule, it puts us back into normal development and support mode earlier.

“And that allows us to renew our initiatives for OnePurdue’s enhancement and continuous improvement.”

If you have any questions about or experience problems following the support pack updates, please contact the OnePurdue Support Center at onephelp@purdue.edu or (765) 49-46000.

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New student systems discussed at town hall meetings
From left, Lori Shipley, OnePurdue's Enrollment and Student Affairs team lead, University Registrar Bob Kubat and Bursar John Higgins listen to Pam Horne (right) during the first of two November town hall meetings about the new OnePurdue student systems. (Horne is assistant vice president for Enrollment Management and dean of admissions.)
Photo of Lori Shipley, Bob Kubat, John Higgins and Pam Horne
Photo by Steve Jones
More than 460 people attended these events, which presented a general overview of the new Banner components that will be released next year for the West Lafayette and North Central campuses.

The panel also included representatives from the OnePurdue Office of Change Management and Purdue’s Division of Financial Aid. The new financial aid system, the first Banner application to be released, is currently scheduled to “go live” in February (to support the fall 2008 semester).

If you were not able to attend either of these town hall meetings, you can watch a Breeze recording of it here; click here to see the PowerPoint slides used during the presentation.

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“OnePurdue will propel us into the future”
Photo of Willie Reed
Photo by Mark Simons
“OnePurdue is going to propel us into the future; we just need to give it — and ourselves — time. I remember when e-mail and the computer mouse came out. Some people said they’d never use them; they preferred the old ways. But imagine working without them today! It’s like when I began using the new Employee Self-Service: It went a little slowly at first, but once I got familiar with it, I saw how great it is. Yes, systems as big as OnePurdue have flaws in the beginning, but we all need to remember that what we roll out on Day 1 is not the product we’re going to have six months from now, a year from now or five years from now. The bugs will be fixed; the system will be enhanced. I’m really looking forward to Banner. Advisors and faculty will then have more time to advise and work with students — instead of entering data and registering them for classes. It’s true: We have to learn to do our jobs a little differently with OnePurdue, but we just need to stay positive and optimistic and think creatively — and not be afraid of change. After all, just because we’ve done something a certain way for years, that doesn’t mean it’s the best way.”
—Willie Reed, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine

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New on the OnePurdue Web site
The OnePurdue Web site is updated every day, so check it often for the latest project information and news, including notices of system outages, both scheduled and unscheduled. Below are a few new additions to the site.

Updated Browser and Operating System Compatibility Information

November 2007 edition of ESAnews

Updated scheduled milestones for OnePurdue's Enrollment and Student Affairs implementation

Updated ESA Team Organizational Chart

ESA Organizational Communicators

Latest OnePurdue News
Screenshot of OnePurduem Home Page

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Learn more about OnePurdue

Explore the OnePurdue Web site at www.purdue.edu/onepurdue. New content and updated information is added daily, so check back often for the latest news and information about this important project.

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