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May 2007
Issue 17

Learning Banner
Kee Lee (center) and Rich Wells work together during a recent Banner overview training session for the OnePurdue Enrollment and Student Affairs Team. SunGard Higher Education is sending trainers to OnePurdue this year so the team can learn about the Banner software. Lee is a registration and scheduling specialist and Wells a student accounts specialist on the team. Read more about the ESA Team's Banner training below.
Photo by Steve Jones
Photo of Kee Lee and Rich Wells
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All systems go for HR, payroll release; travel to wait

New HR systems completing final rounds of testing

Training begins for HR modules

OnePurdue to bring better, expanded student systems

ESA Team learning new Banner systems

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All systems go for HR, payroll release; travel to wait
OnePurdue plans to proceed as scheduled with the summer implementation of applications supporting human resources and payroll (Human Capital Management), but will delay implementation of the Travel Management module until a later date.

The later travel management release will help moderate the magnitude of new technology and business processes that system users must assimilate at the same time.

There are several critical tasks left to complete before “go-live” can occur, but the project team and process owners are confident they can be achieved. Preparations will begin June 11 for the first payroll in the OnePurdue system, which is July 3 for bi-weekly paid staff and July 31 for monthly paid staff.
Photo of Morgan Olsen

The decision to proceed with the June and July go-live dates was made with the consensus recommendation of OnePurdue project management and governance groups, Business Services leadership, Information Technology at Purdue, and consulting partners Banner and SAP.

Transition activities for the human resources/payroll release are ongoing, says Morgan R. Olsen, executive vice president and treasurer.

“In the coming weeks, work will accelerate and many of us will have the opportunity to engage directly with the new Human Capital Management application,” Olsen says. “As expected, this project has required a great deal of flexibility from faculty and staff who are working creatively to address the challenges this important transition represents. We all owe a debt of gratitude to those whose resolve and commitment are helping ensure the success of the OnePurdue initiative.

“I encourage everyone to remain flexible as we move ahead, and to keep up the exceptional effort as we work through the inevitable challenges that an undertaking of this magnitude entails.”

The human resources and payroll application includes the new Employee Self-Service (ESS) module, which will allow faculty and staff to access and maintain their personal data anytime and from most work or home computers.

ESS will allow employees to view pay statements, edit home addresses and phone numbers, and change bank and direct deposit information, among other items.

Because Employee Self-Service will be accessed using an employee’s career account user ID and password, all faculty and staff should make sure they know that information.

Those who do not know their career account user ID should go online to http://www.purdue.edu/securepurdue/careeraccount for help.

More information about the new HR and payroll systems will be included in the June 21 issue of Inside Purdue and can be found on OnePurdue Web site’s Human Resources Information page.

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New HR systems completing final rounds of testing
Photo of Sue Davis
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Human Resources Team Lead Susan Davis says testing of OnePurdue's new HR and payroll systems have been going well. Her team is preparing for the HR release this summer.

Since the first release of OnePurdue’s financial systems in February, the Human Resources (HR) Team has been busy preparing for and testing the new HR and payroll software, a process that will continue in May.

For almost seven months, beginning in August 2006, the HR Team conducted three cycles of “parallel” testing, which ended March 30. During these exercises, data from three different 2006 pay periods were processed through the new OnePurdue systems and compared to the results of last year’s payroll runs.

“The goal here was to match the results produced by the legacy systems, and we’re very pleased with the outcome of those tests,” said Susan Davis, OnePurdue’s HR Team lead. “The preparation and analysis of these runs required clear tolerances and variances in order for the person-by-person comparison to be valid.

“We have now reviewed every type of employee and real-life payroll situation.”

The parallel testing was followed by two other events in April: a dry run of the new HR systems — a “dress rehearsal for when we go into production,” said Davis — and “regression” testing, which evaluated the new systems under a wide variety of payroll scenarios.

“Regression testing gave the OnePurdue HR and Finance Teams the opportunity to test their business processes in a fully integrated environment.”

Overviews of the new HR and payroll systems were conducted in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) April 30 and May 2. During these sessions, members of the HR Team demonstrated a wide range of new OnePurdue processes to Business Services personnel from all campuses. Activities included a payroll simulation, identifying and correcting any errors, producing paychecks and direct deposits, and faculty hires and promotions, among many others.

“Volume” testing was completed May 18. This assessed how well the new systems will hold up during heavy traffic. During all previous testing, the amount of data used and people accessing OnePurdue were relatively small, which will not be the case in the actual production environment. Volume testing simulated a real-world situation in which the systems serve many users concurrently.

“The new HR modules have been testing well,” said Davis, “but can they handle many simultaneous attempts to access it without slowing down? The volume testing showed that it can.”

University and OnePurdue leadership decided May 16 to proceed with the release of the new software modules, a process that will begin in June.

“Our team has worked very hard to make sure that these new applications work as they should and meet Purdue’s needs,” said Davis. “Although it’s normal to encounter a few bumps along the way, we’re gearing up for a successful payroll.”

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Training begins for HR modules
OnePurdue Director of Training Connie Bilyeu and her team have been preparing training for the new human resources and payroll systems that will be released this summer. The first online courses began in mid-April.
Photo of Connie Bilyeu
File Photo

OnePurdue Release 2 training began in mid-April, offering new online self-study and instructor-led courses in human resources (HR) and plant maintenance.

The instructor-led courses have been scheduled to group attendees by organizational unit, which will encourage classroom discussion of similar concerns and work around departmental budget preparation.

The following are descriptions of OnePurdue’s Release 2 training courses:

HR Overviews
The new courses will start with three new online overviews of OnePurdue’s HR component: one of payroll and the other two introductions to benefit processes and concepts of time- and leave-management. These courses are intended for staff who will be doing payroll, benefit, time card and leave processing, but were not exposed to the new processes during the HR system testing and transaction workshops. Central office HR staff members who have attended those activities will be familiar with much of the content, but may find them helpful to review.

“Although not required, we strongly recommend that everyone take these courses prior to attending the more detailed, hands-on, instructor-led time administration and cost distribution classes beginning May 30 (and offered through July),” said Connie Bilyeu, director of OnePurdue training.

HR System Inquiry
More than 540 staff members, primarily from decentralized business areas, have already attended this instructor-led course, in which they learned to search for employee, position and organizational-unit data within OnePurdue. The objective of this course was to help staff complete HR forms, answer questions about employees, and prepare for the time administration and cost distribution courses. The last section ends May 24.

Plant Maintenance Courses for Non-Physical Facilities Staff
OnePurdue Training and Physical Facilities are working together to offer courses targeted to building deputies and others currently using the EWOTS system (to request services from Physical Facilities). EWOTS is being phased out, and completing their training, staff will use OnePurdue to create and review (display) work orders. These online courses were made available at the end of April; instructor-led classes for designated groups began May 22.

HR Time Administration and Cost Distribution
The final Release 2 courses opened for registration May 18:

  • HRTM220: Time Administrator/Cost Distribution Training
  • HRPA240: Cost Distribution Process

Participants in these courses will learn how to enter, audit and approve staff work time in OnePurdue, run error correction processes, and distribute staff time costs.

Additional information is available on OnePurdue’s Training Web page, including links to detailed course descriptions, the instructor-led course schedule, “how-to” quick-reference cards, training sandbox instructions, the online courses, where to register staff members, and more.

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OnePurdue to bring better, expanded student systems
With OnePurdue’s first student systems tentatively scheduled for a February 2008 release, the Enrollment and Student Affairs Team and Advisory Committee are working to make it happen.

One of the initial tasks has been to establish goals for the ESA implementation and a set of principles to help guide it.

“Our two main goals are increased efficiency and better service,” said Pam Horne, assistant vice president for enrollment management and dean of admissions, in addition to the process owner for OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs (ESA) implementation.
Photo of Pam Horne
“This will be a great opportunity to look at Purdue’s current student- and academic-oriented business processes to see where we can improve and how we can take advantage of the new functionality of the Banner software.”

Banner is the suite of applications Purdue has licensed from SunGard Higher Education to transform the University’s current student business processes. Click here to learn more about SunGard Higher Education, Banner and which of its modules will be part of OnePurdue.

The improvements that the Banner systems will bring will provide Purdue an opportunity to streamline its business processes in many departments, Horne said, including the elimination of much of the paperwork that drives many current operations.

“This will be particularly true in Admissions and Financial Aid. Eventually, we also hope to move more paperless processes into the registrar and academic advising areas.”

Many new services, Horne said, will be made possible by two specific products being acquired with the other Banner modules: Banner Luminus, a portal that will be used by students, faculty, advisors and other staff to access all Banner information and services, and Banner XtenderSolutions, an imaging and document management tool that will eliminate many tedious manual tasks.

Another ESA goal is to eliminate many of the “shadow databases” all over the campuses. These are often a source of contradictory information. For example, a student might have one address in the Registrar’s Office and another in their college or department’s database. Even more problematic, sometimes a student’s name could be spelled differently in different locations.

With OnePurdue, however, colleges and departments will no longer need these individual databases, Horne said.

“This may not happen overnight, but if we can make this an easy transition for them, there will be a great incentive to not maintain this information themselves.”
As with its new financial and human resources processes, OnePurdue also will bring significant changes to everyone involved with student functions.

“Everyone understands there will be a lot of change,” Horne said, “for the faculty, schools and colleges, administrative departments and throughout the student body.

“I sense a lot of optimism and excitement in all areas about this, but we also know that with these changes will come challenges.”

To help make this a smooth transition, the ESA implementation involves staff members at every level and work group from each appropriate department. There are four different work groups for ESA — for students, financial aid, reporting and technical issues — each comprised of two to three people who work directly with the ESA Team.

“The team and these groups have been on a fast track to make this part of OnePurdue a success,” Horne said, “and their hard work has not gone unnoticed.”

Another important benefit of OnePurdue is that, once fully implemented, all four University campuses will be using the same student systems. “Calumet and Fort Wayne are already using Banner,” Horne said, “and North Central will be moving to it along with West Lafayette.

OnePurdue ESA Guiding Principles

  1. Implement as “vanilla” a system as possible.
  2. Replace “homegrown” solutions with ones that can be replaced by integrated, supported and licensed software.
  3. Change business practices in a way that accommodates the software if necessary, yet still meets Purdue’s needs.
  4. Learn the best way to do things (“best practices”).
  5. Eliminate shadow databases.
  6. Capture data at the source.
  7. Avoid asking students for the same information twice.
  8. Reduce the use of paper as much as possible to streamline processes for both students and staff.
  9. Improve and expand services and communication to students using a multimedia approach.
  10. Provide online, user-friendly and secure access to data for students, service providers and decision makers.
  11. Know that not everything we want will be available at go-live; there will be ongoing, continuous improvement of systems and processes.
  12. Understand that change, while challenging, can also be invigorating and exciting.

“We will definitely be doing things differently with OnePurdue, but we’ll also be able to provide better service to the faculty, students and prospective students,” she continued.

“I think people are ready for change, and Purdue’s staff is so student- and service-oriented, that I know we’ll be successful.”

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ESA Team learning new Banner systems
Photo of Brenda Knebel and Jeff Bridgham
Brenda Knebel (left), an admissions and recruitment specialist on the OnePurdue Enrollment and Student Affairs Team, and Jeff Bridgham, a data analyst in the Graduate School, confer during recent Banner training. Led by trainers from SunGard Higher Education, from whom Purdue has licensed the Banner software package, training sessions such as these will continue throughout this year as OnePurdue prepares to release the new student systems in 2008.
Photo by Steve Jones

Since SunGard Higher Education’s Banner software was selected for OnePurdue’s student systems in January, the project’s Enrollment and Student Affairs (ESA) Team has been busy learning how to make it work for Purdue.

On March 27, SunGard Higher Education began sending its consultants every three weeks to teach the ESA implementation team about the Banner modules. “This is not the same kind of training that OnePurdue users will receive,” said Chris Marheine, a student accounts subject matter expert on the ESA Team. “Their training will be role-specific and more about how to use Banner.”

In addition to academic advisors and personnel in all schools and colleges at each campus, OnePurdue Banner training eventually will be provided to staff members in numerous administrative departments, including the Office of Admissions, Bursar’s Office, Enrollment Management and Office of the Registrar, among others.

The training that ESA implementation team members are currently receiving will help them understand the inner workings of Banner and how to configure it to best meet Purdue’s needs. “What we’ve learned so far has been excellent,” said Marheine, who served as the manager of program accounting in the Bursar’s Office before joining OnePurdue in July 2005, “and the classes have been going very well.”

“Not only are the SunGard trainers quite knowledgeable, but Banner is a very mature product and the company has a lot of experience in higher education, so all the courses the team is taking this year are critical to putting the new systems into production in 2008.”

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New on the OnePurdue Web site

The OnePurdue Web site is updated every day, so check it often for the latest project information and news, including notices of system outages, both scheduled and unscheduled. Here are a few new additions on the site:

The first issue of ESAnews, the new e-newsletter about OnePurdue's Enrollment and Student Affairs implementation

Some text characters can cause problems with OnePurdue. Click here for more details and learn how to avoid this.

Advance Request & Payroll Deduction Authorization forms: Information, instructions and samples are on this page. Click here for blank forms.

A brief description of OnePurdue's Release 2.

Updated Release 2 Training Course Catalog

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