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June 2007
Issue 18

Getting Ready for Release 2
Heather Watkins (left) and Kym Pelfree enter time card data for the first OnePurdue payroll in preparation for the project's second release July 2. More than 200 business office staff from the West Lafayette, Calumet and Fort Wayne campuses gathered at OnePurdue June 22 to help. Watkins is a business manager and Pelfree a business assistant in the School of Civil Engineering. Read more about the new HR and payroll systems below.
Photo of Heather Watkins and Kym Pelfree
Photo by Steve Jones


In this issue
HR, payroll up and running; Employee
Self-Service ready to go
Changing your password every 30 days helps keep ESS secure
Important OnePurdue payroll dates Travel reimbursement policy changed
Vacation and sick time policy to change
Help is just a click away
New Employee Self-Service available July 2 New on the OnePurdue Web site
New system means new way to contribute to TDAs
Learn more about OnePurdue
Online salary statements will save time and paper How to contact OnePurdue
New, easier travel system still to come Subscribe to this newsletter
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HR, payroll up and running; Employee Self-Service ready to go
Photo of Kendra Merriman
Photo by Steve Jones
Kendra Merriman, assistant comptroller for disbursements, participates in a June 21 meeting with OnePurdue and University payroll staff during final preparations for the new payroll system's “go-live” in July. Listening is Rick Miller, a payroll specialist on OnePurdue's Human Resources Team.

Purdue’s human resources and payroll systems are up and running behind the scenes as OnePurdue’s next release is set to go live for all faculty and staff in July.

Information to be mailed this week to faculty and staff will help them prepare for using the newest systems.

With the rollout of the human resources and payroll systems, faculty and staff will have access to OnePurdue’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature, and will see a few changes, including vacation and sick time policy and TDA contributions. (See related articles below for more details).

To help prepare for using ESS, all faculty and staff will receive an information packet via campus mail. The packet, to be mailed June 25, will include quick reference cards (QRCs) and sample salary statements.

The QRCs will include tips for logging in and using the system. Sample salary statements will help employees become familiar with the new look of those statements as they will be viewed online.

The first pay for biweekly staff under the new system will be July 3, The first pay for monthly staff will be July 31.

Those monthly paid staff members who also work in a position that is paid on a biweekly basis will now be paid once at the end of the month.

The new human resources and payroll systems are the second systems to be released as part of OnePurdue. OnePurdue’s financial systems have been running live since February, and student systems are being worked on for future implementation. The travel module will be released after human resources and payroll; a go-live date has yet to be announced.

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Important OnePurdue payroll dates
Tuesday, July 3
First biweekly pay
Wednesday, July 18
Second biweekly pay
Tuesday, July 31
First monthly pay
Friday, Aug. 31
Second monthly pay

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Vacation and sick time policy to change

In the past, staff could use their accrued vacation time up to and including the current pay period. In the new system, accrued time is credited as each pay period is closed, and vacation time earned will be available to use in a subsequent accrual period. So, with the new system, leave time accumulated during the current pay period can only be taken after that period.

Monthly paid (exempt) faculty and staff will continue to use vacation time in minimum half-day increments. These half-day increments, however, must be converted to the equivalent number of hours in order to account for staff who work a different number of hours than the standard eight-hour day. (For example, if someone works ten-hour workdays, five hours would be a half-day for them.)

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New Employee Self-Service available July 2
With Employee Self-Service, you're in charge.

Beginning July 2, 2007, Purdue’s new human resources and payroll system, OnePurdue, will bring you new ways to manage your personal information on record with the University. Using OnePurdue’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature, you’ll be able to do the following:
  • View salary statements.
  • Enter or change bank information.
  • Change home address/phone and other personal data.
  • Update educational information.
  • Suppress personal data from the Purdue directory.

All faculty and staff members will receive basic ESS instructions by campus mail the week of June 25. Student employees can access the same information via SSINFO. For further help, contact the OnePurdue Support Center at 765-494-6000 or onephelp@purdue.edu.

Click here for more information about ESS.

Photo of Debbie Dillman-Crowell Debbie Dillman-Crowell, a OnePurdue human resources specialist, presents an overview of the new Employee Self-Service, which will be available July 2.
Photo by Steve Jones

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New system means new way to contribute to TDAs

OnePurdue will provide flexibility in saving for retirement through a tax-deferred annuity (TDA).

Currently, employees can designate a specific dollar amount to be taken from each pay. Under the new system, those contributions can be a specific dollar amount or a specific percentage of pay.

Faculty and staff who are paid on an academic-year basis should take particular note of this option because the full amount an employee has designated in his or her salary reduction agreement will be taken from every pay, including the partial pays in August and May and any summer pay that is earned. Selecting a percentage TDA deduction will mean smaller amounts are taken from the smaller pays.

Staff Benefits is sending letters with additional detail to the homes of academic-year employees who have TDAs.

With the OnePurdue system, TDA contributions also can be divided among Purdue’s five approved TDA vendors instead of just a single company.

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Online salary statements will save time and paper
Sample Salary Statement
Sample online salary statement
OnePurdue will make it possible for the University to transition to a paperless pay system, and a big step toward this is having salary statements (i.e., “check stubs”) available online.

All employees will be able to view (and print) their salary statements online using OnePurdue’s Employee Self-Service. In addition, those signed up for direct deposit will be notified by e-mail after each deposit has been made

Links to sample biweekly and monthly salary statements can be found on OnePurdue’s Employee Self-Service Web page.

Although Purdue will continue to print pay checks for the time being, all faculty, staff and student employees not already enrolled in direct deposit are encouraged to do so. Click here for a direct deposit enrollment form.

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All faculty, staff and student employees not enrolled in direct deposit are encouraged to do so.
New, easier travel system still to come

After consulting with members of the Purdue community, it was decided to implement OnePurdue’s travel module after the July release of the new HR/Payroll system. This will give faculty and staff members more time to improve their skills with the new financial applications, learn new HR business processes, and make the transition to the new travel system a lot smoother.

We’re confident you’ll like the power and features of the new travel module, and find that the extra time will be worth the wait.

Once scheduled, a “go-live” date and training courses for travel will be announced in this newsletter and on the Web site.

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Changing your password every 30 days helps keep ESS secure
To access the OnePurdue portal and Employee Self-Service (ESS), faculty and staff will need to change their Career Account passwords every 30 days.

The OnePurdue portal and ESS can be accessed from the OnePurdue home page.
Change Password Button
To log on to the system, users need to know their Career Account user ID and password. Click here for detailed information about passwords and how to reset them.

If you try to log in and get the message “User Authentication Failed,” reset your password via the SecurePurdue Web site. Once there, click the “Change Your Password” link (above).

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Travel reimbursement policy changed

Beginning July 2, 2007, if an employee has not enrolled in direct deposit, any travel reimbursement check will be mailed to his or her home address. If they are signed up for direct deposit, reimbursements will be made electronically to their primary direct deposit account. Although Employee Self-Service allows for the designation of a separate bank account for travel reimbursements, this feature will not be active until OnePurdue’s travel module goes live. It is important, therefore, that all employees make sure that their bank account and home address information with the University is up to date.

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Help is just a click away
During the period of transition, faculty and staff members may look to peers, supervisors, Human Resource Services, and payroll and business offices for help.

In addition to these resources, online support is available by clicking on the“Get Help” button above and on the OnePurdue home page.
OnePurdue Help Button

The OnePurdue Support Center also can help answer questions at (765) 494-6000 or onepurdue@purdue.edu.

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New on the OnePurdue Web site
Screenshot of OnePurdue Home Page The OnePurdue Web site is updated every day, so check it often for the latest project information and news, including notices of system outages, both scheduled and unscheduled. Below are a few new additions to the site.

Getting Ready for OnePurdue: What You Need to Know

Learn about Purdue's new Employee Self-Service

Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Self-Service

Updated training course schedule and course catalog for Release 2 applications

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Learn more about OnePurdue

Explore the OnePurdue Web site at www.purdue.edu/onepurdue. New content and updated information is added daily, so check back often for the latest news and information about this important project.

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How to contact OnePurdue

Business Hours
Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.-6 p.m. (Closed Fridays)

Ross Enterprise Center
1801 Kalberer Road, Suite 1
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Phone and Fax (Not for OnePurdue help)
office: (765) 494-2400
fax: (765) 464-2233

NOTE: If you have specific questions about using OnePurdue, please do not use the general office number or e-mail address at left. Instead, you will receive help more quickly by contacting the OnePurdue Support Center at:

e-mail: onephelp@purdue.edu
phone: (765) 49-46000

For all OnePurdue training-related questions, please contact the Training Help Desk at:

e-mail: oneptrain@purdue.edu

onepurdue@purdue.edu (for general questions and comments)
You can also send messages directly from OnePurdue's home page. See “Contact OnePurdue” in the left column.

Campus Mail Building Code

For printable directions (with maps) from all four campuses to OnePurdue's office in Purdue Research Park, please select “Driving Directions” under the “About OnePurdue” menu in the upper-left corner of OnePurdue's home page.

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