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Dec 2006/Jan 2007
Number 14

From left, Pam Bower, Jan Bessler and Bev Logsdon participate in mock month, a quality assurance exercise that was conducted from mid-November to mid-December. It tested all the OnePurdue systems and processes needed to conduct a typical month of the University's financial business. Bower is a funds management expert on the OnePurdue Finance Team. Bessler and Logsdon are business managers at Purdue. For more information about mock month, read the story below.

Photo from mock month
Photo by Steve Jones



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“Banner” software licensed for OnePurdue student systems

Mock month sets stage for release of new financial systems

ERAC demonstrates OnePurdue reporting

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Banner software licensed for OnePurdue student systems
The Executive Committee of the Purdue Board of Trustees has approved a license with SunGard Higher Education to provide its “Banner” applications for OnePurdue’s enrollment and student affairs functions throughout the Purdue system.

The trustees’ action was announced by University Provost Sally Mason and Executive Vice President and Treasurer Morgan R. Olsen in a Jan. 5 memo to all campuses. Founded in 1968 and based in Malvern, Pa., SunGard Higher Education is a software company that has served hundreds of higher education institutions.
Photo of Sally Mason Mason Photo of Morgan Olsen Olsen

This agreement is only for student-related applications, said Mason and Olsen. SAP remains OnePurdue’s vendor for financial and human resource (HR) applications. “We expect complete success with these and we will work closely with SAP to build the necessary interfaces to successfully integrate them with the Banner systems.”

The action by the trustees followed a comprehensive assessment by and significant input from OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs Advisory Committee, project management and additional representatives from the Calumet, Fort Wayne, North Central and West Lafayette campuses.

This gives Purdue an opportunity to enhance the Banner student applications already in use at the Calumet and Fort Wayne campuses, said Mason and Olsen, and will allow each campus to use the applications’ features according to its specific needs.

More information about Banner and its implementation will be provided later this spring as campus-specific plans are developed.

The need to reassess the technical and functional approach for enrollment and student affairs became apparent several months ago at the end of OnePurdue’s “blueprint” phase. That process, which specified Purdue’s technological and service requirements for enrollment and student affairs, revealed that significant development of the SAP environment would be required to meet the University’s needs.

For further information about SunGard Higher Education, Banner or anything else about OnePurdue, please visit http://www.purdue.edu/onepurdue. You may also send questions and comments to onepurdue@purdue.edu.

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Mock month sets stage for release of new financial systems
Photo of Bev Logsdon and Nancy Allrich
Photo by Steve Jones
Bev Logsdon (left), an account assistant in the College of Technology, consults with Nancy Allrich, a purchasing expert on OnePurdue’s Finance Team during the first day of mock month in November. Logsdon was helping OnePurdue test the new financial systems.

A monthlong test of the OnePurdue systems needed to conduct four weeks of Purdue financial business ended successfully in December. As planned, this “mock month” identified the parts of OnePurdue that are working well and the problems that need to be addressed before the financial systems “go live” in February 2007.

The results of this test were announced by Executive Vice President and Treasurer Morgan R. Olsen in a Dec. 21 memo to all campuses.

“OnePurdue project leaders, working with the Financial Management Advisory Committee, are establishing plans to deal with the challenges we face before implementation,” Olsen said in his message. “As many of you are aware, their current plan is geared toward an implementation of the financial systems in February.”

“As we expected, this project has required a great deal of flexibility from faculty and staff, who are working creatively to address the challenges that are routine for ambitious projects like OnePurdue,” Olsen said. “I encourage everyone to remain flexible for the work ahead and keep up their exceptional efforts.”

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ERAC demonstrates OnePurdue reporting
Rabindra Mukerjea, Purdue’s director of strategic planning and assessment and chair of OnePurdue’s ERP Implementation Steering Committee, answers a question during the second of two presentations in November on OnePurdue reporting. These general overviews of the future “managed reporting” environment, which will go into use at all campuses when the first financial applications are implemented, were presented by the OnePurdue Enterprise Reporting Advisory Committee. The sessions were designed for everyone who is involved with or has a need to access financial information. The new reporting system also will be used as part of OnePurdue’s second release, which will consist primarily of the project’s human resource applications. Click here to view a Breeze recording of the Nov. 20, 2006, presentation and learn more about this important component of OnePurdue.
Photo of Rab Mukerjea
Photo by Steve Jones

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New on the OnePurdue Web site

OnePurdue's Web site is updated every day, so check it often for the latest project information. Here are a few new additions:

Tips for Taking Online OnePurdue Courses

Updated Training Information

New Training FAQs

System, Browser and Hardware Requirements for the OnePurdue Portal and SAP GUI

A Breeze recording of the Nov. 20, 2006, presentation on enterprise managed reporting in Fowler Hall (West Lafayette campus).

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Training News
Photo of Jonella Beale and Ann Johnson Photo of Phil Davich
Photo of Cheri Thomas
Learning OnePurdue: Instructor-led, classroom training for OnePurdue began Dec. 11, and more than 3,400 University staff members are already enrolled. (See detailed statistics below.) At left, Cheri Thomas, an account clerk in Continuing Education & Conferences Business Services, concentrates on learning the new financial systems in a general business services course. Above left, Ann Johnson (right), a business manager in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, helps Jonella Beale, a fiscal administrator in the Purdue Memorial Union Business Office. Johnson was serving as a “subject matter expert” in the class. Above, Phil Davich, an assistant comptroller for Accounting Services at the Fort Wayne campus, takes notes during a different section of the course. Read more news about OnePurdue training below.
Photos by Steve Jones

Thousands enrolled in OnePurdue courses
Now that instructor-led training is underway, joining the online training that began Oct. 2, the number of Purdue employees learning about OnePurdue has increased dramatically. As of Jan. 8, 3,477 individuals are expected to complete 17,913 total classes. (Many people are enrolled in more than one.)

The training currently underway is in preparation for OnePurdue’s initial release in 2007. This Release 1 training consists of:

  • 11 online overview and basic screen navigation courses
  • Three online “how to” courses
  • 18 instructor-led “how to” courses

Of these, most are focused on OnePurdue’s financial modules, which will dominate Release 1. Only four classes are on human resource-related topics (three overview and one instructor-led).

129 instructor-led classes have been scheduled from Dec. 11, 2006, through Feb. 21, 2007.

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Key OnePurdue Terms

The language of OnePurdue can be confusing at times. For the first few months of the project, unfamiliar words and acronyms were largely confined to the team and its governance and advisory committees. Now that hundreds of Purdue staff members have become more involved in such things as testing and mock month — and thousands more in training — these terms are becoming more widespread. Below are a few of the more common ones that you may be hearing around your department. (A comprehensive list can be found on the Glossary, Acronyms and Abbreviations page of OnePurdue's Web site.)

Accelerated SAP: a methodology developed by SAP to speed up ERP-implementation projects and keep costs under control.

A package of software modules from SunGard that will comprise OnePurdue's new enrollment and student affairs applications.

The consulting company chosen by the University to be OnePurdue's implementation partner.

The term used to denote when individual modules of OnePurdue will go into actual production.

Mock month
A quality assurance exercise that tests all the OnePurdue systems and processes needed to conduct a typical month of University business. A mock month for OnePurdue’s financial applications was conducted from mid-November to mid-December 2006.

OnePurdue User Support. This is a separate project led by ITaP (Information Technology at Purdue) in partnership with OnePurdue to plan for and deliver training and support for users of the new systems — both during and after their implementation. This support will include installing and running a help desk for OnePurdue-related questions and managing necessary desktop support for all Purdue computers to make sure they have everything they need to fully benefit from the new software.

The Web interface that will be used to access the new OnePurdue systems, including employee self-service functions.

The ERP software vendor selected to provide OnePurdue's new financial and human resource systems. (Although SAP's German name translates into five English words — Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing — it is known simply as “SAP.”)

The graphical user interface (GUI) application that allows users to access other SAP software (e.g., for human resource and financial functions) in the OnePurdue environment. SAP GUI users, who will comprise a small minority of the Purdue staff, will launch it from within the OnePurdue Portal.

SunGard Higher Education
The ERP vendor selected to provide OnePurdue's new enrollment and student affairs applications, a software package called Banner.

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Meet the team
A member of OnePurdue’s training team, Ginger Walkup has served the University for more than 23 years. She began her Purdue career in what is now known as the Office of Space Management and Academic Scheduling. In 2000, she became an instructional design and documentation specialist with the TRAX initiative. She also was instrumental in the success of user training for the Student Information System (SIS), which is still in use today. She later moved to ITaP’s Customer Education unit; there, in addition to her work on other projects, she trained Purdue staff in the use of Microsoft Office applications. As a training specialist at OnePurdue, Ginger has been involved with developing course content for the project’s initial release of financial applications. She also works closely with other team members to document the new business processes that will be used in the new systems. Ginger received a bachelor’s degree in physical and health education in 1968 and a master’s in 2002 in educational technology — both from Purdue. When not at OnePurdue, she enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren, reading and building things in her woodworking shop for her home and family.
Photo of Ginger Walkup
Photo by Steve Jones

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Learn more about OnePurdue

Explore the OnePurdue Web site at www.purdue.edu/onepurdue. New content and updated information is added daily, so check back often for the latest news and information about this important project.

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How to contact OnePurdue
Business Hours
Monday — Thursday, 7 a.m. — 6 p.m. (Closed Fridays)

Ross Enterprise Center
1801 Kalberer Road, Suite 1
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Phone Numbers
office: (765) 494-2400
fax: (765) 464-2233

OnePurdue e-mail
onepurdue@purdue.edu (for project-related questions and comments)
You can also send messages directly from OnePurdue's home page. See “Contact OnePurdue” in the right column.

Campus Mail Building Code

For printable driving directions (with maps) from all four campuses to OnePurdue's office in Purdue Research Park, please visit the “Quick Links” section on the left side of the OnePurdue home page.

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