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November 2006
Number 13


Photo of Pat Kretzmann and Craig Fee
Photo by Steve Jones
OnePurdue Finance Team members Pat Kretzmann (center) and Craig Fee (right) confer during the Oct. 30 meeting of the Mock Month Planning Committee. At left is University Comptroller John Shipley, who assumed oversight and leadership of the Finance Team Oct. 25. To read more about mock month and how it will affect the release of the first OnePurdue applications, see the first article below.


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First OnePurdue release to await outcome of mock month

Purdue comptroller takes helm of Finance Team

Operating system, browser and hardware requirements set for OnePurdue

OnePurdue to give overview of new system reporting in November

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First OnePurdue release to await outcome of mock month

OnePurdue will wait to implement its first systems for finance and supporting human resource components until after December. Executive Vice President and Treasurer Morgan R. Olsen made the announcement in a memo to all campuses.

In August, OnePurdue leadership identified December as a potential month for implementation of the first systems, but in the memo sent Oct. 27, Olsen said December is no longer feasible due to obstacles addressed by the project in recent weeks and remaining quality-assurance testing needs.

Sent to leaders at all campuses for distribution to all staff, the memo said that the OnePurdue team and its SAP consultants recently resolved a critical challenge in the system for purchasing, plant maintenance and inventory maintenance called Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). The SRM solution is now under development.
Photo of Morgan Olsen Morgan R. Olsen

Another factor influencing the OnePurdue time line, Olsen said, is the decision to conduct a “mock month” quality-assurance exercise. Mock month, which is scheduled to run from mid-November to mid-December, will test all the OnePurdue systems and processes needed to conduct a typical month of Purdue financial business.

Olsen said the results of mock month will determine when the financial systems will be implemented.

“The project managers and I agree that this extremely rigorous quality-assurance exercise is necessary before implementing the first systems,” he said. “Mock month will reveal the state of readiness for finance implementation and guide OnePurdue activities in setting a firm go-live date.

“We will share specifics as they are established.”

Olsen added that human resource systems for payroll that will be released subsequent to the financial systems are progressing well. Their release will be contingent on the finance implementation.

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Purdue comptroller takes helm of Finance Team
Photo of John Shipley
Photo by Steve Jones
University Comptroller John Shipley addresses a OnePurdue town hall meeting in April. He is the new leader of OnePurdue's Finance Team.

John Shipley, Purdue comptroller since 1998, has assumed oversight and leadership of the OnePurdue Finance Team effective Oct. 25.

As comptroller, Shipley oversees the University’s financial accounting and records, as well as the Risk Management Office and the business offices for Housing and Food Services and Physical Facilities. He has taken on the OnePurdue duties in addition to his existing responsibilities.

Shipley was tapped for the OnePurdue role following Theresa Ashman’s announcement that she will become controller at the University of Utah in early 2007. Ashman, former associate comptroller, had led the OnePurdue Finance Team since its inception in 2005.

“This was the most logical leadership choice to fill the void given the short period of time until implementation,” Shipley says. “Many of the functions covered in the new system are for my areas of responsibility and I have a vested interest in this project.

“I hope to be able to assist the integration of all staff into a seamless transition to the new system.”

Shipley also will continue to chair the OnePurdue Financial Management Advisory Committee and serve on the project’s steering committee.

Andrew Waters, senior director of the ERP implementation at OnePurdue, said that Shipley is very well prepared to lead the finance effort.

“From the beginning of this project, John has been dedicated to a successful Finance Team effort,” Waters said. “John has the background and extensive knowledge that the team needs and the project requires.”

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Operating System, Browser and Hardware Requirements set for OnePurdue

OnePurdue has established the computer requirements necessary to access its systems.

There will be one point of access for all users: the OnePurdue Portal. This will be the way that everyone in the Purdue community will access OnePurdue for the many self-service functions that will be available for faculty, staff and students. A small subset of employees, however, will use an additional application called SAP GUI (the SAP Graphical User Interface), which will be launched through the portal itself.

OnePurdue’s desktop readiness team, a group of about 70 technical staff from the Calumet, Fort Wayne, North Central and West Lafayette campuses, has been working since early August to help get University computers ready for OnePurdue. Workstations are being configured and tested in various office environments, in addition to training and testing sites.

If you have questions regarding OnePurdue desktop readiness, please contact Phyllis Veach at paveach@purdue.edu.

Requirements for both the OnePurdue Portal and SAP GUI are outlined in the tables below. Click here to view or download a PDF of this information.

OS and Browser Requirements to Use the OnePurdue Portal
Platform Operating System Browser(s) Supported
Windows 2000 or XP Internet Explorer 6.0
Firefox 1.0
Mac OS X 10.2 or higher Firefox 1.0
Linux Red Hat Fedora core 2; SuSE PE Firefox 1.0


OS, Browser and Hardware Requirements to Use the SAP GUI
Hardware Minimum Recommended
Platform and Operating System Windows 2000 or XP only
Resolution 1024 x 768 1024 x 768
Monitor 17-inch 17-inch
Processor Pentium 333 MHz Pentium >1 GHz
Memory (RAM) 128 MB 512 MB
Hard Drive Free Space 500 MB 500 MB

Important: Neither Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 nor the new Windows Vista operating system is supported by OnePurdue at this time. The desktop readiness team recommends that you do not upgrade your computers to these new versions until OnePurdue and SAP officially support them.

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OnePurdue to give overview of new system reporting in November

The OnePurdue Enterprise Reporting Advisory Committee (ERAC) will present a general overview of the future “managed reporting” environment that will go into use at all campuses when the first financial applications are implemented.

These new reporting systems and procedures also will be used as part of OnePurdue’s second release, which will consist primarily of the project’s human resource applications.

“This overview will be relevant for everyone who is involved with or has a need to access financial information,” said Rabindra Mukerjea, chair of OnePurdue’s ERP Implementation Steering Committee, “such as those who have sponsored program accounts, gift accounts and departmental allocations.

“These include deans, department heads and managers with fiscal responsibilities, as well as staff in Business Services or those with document-processing roles in central offices.”

ERAC will conduct two presentations during November; no registration is necessary to attend. Those at the Calumet, Fort Wayne and North Central campuses can take part in the live sessions online. (Use the links in the chart below to access this via the Web.)

The concepts introduced at these presentations will include:

  • New tools to be used in accessing data
  • How reports will be delivered
  • How users will get information
  • New terminology

A question-and-answer period will follow each presentation.

The schedule for these events is as follows:

Managed Reporting Presentations
(Both in Stewart Center's Fowler Hall at the West Lafayette Campus)

Date Time URL for Breeze Access
Nov. 16, 2006 1—3 p.m. https://breeze.itap.purdue.edu/erac16/
Nov. 20, 2006 10 a.m.—noon https://breeze.itap.purdue.edu/erac20/

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Meet the team
OnePurdue’s account assistant, Robin Black has worked at Purdue for 14 years. During this time, she has served a number of departments, including Housing & Food Services and Central Accounting Services, before joining the OnePurdue team in March 2005. Robin received an associate's degree in accounting from Indiana Business College in 1991 and two bachelor’s degrees from Indiana Wesleyan University: business administration in 2000 and business information systems in 2002. In addition, she is nine classes away from another degree, a B.S. in organizational leadership and supervision from Purdue, which she plans to complete after OnePurdue is finished. At OnePurdue, Robin conducts the project’s business office functions, including accounts payable, receivables, encumbrances and payroll. Although born in Indianapolis, she considers Gas City her hometown, where she is a longtime member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Robin enjoys pencil drawing, writing, crocheting, knitting and enjoying the company of her 14-year-old Yorkshire terrier, BJ (short for Dick Butkus Jr.). Robin also belongs to the Gamma Alpha Chapter of Kappa Delta Phi sorority, a women's group that raises money for cerebral palsy, wheelchairs, helper dogs and other things for the community.
Photo of Robin Black
Photo by Steve Jones

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Learn more about OnePurdue

Explore the OnePurdue Web site at www.purdue.edu/onepurdue. New content and updated information is added daily, so check back often for the latest news and information about this important project.

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How to contact OnePurdue
Business Hours
Monday — Thursday, 7 a.m. — 6 p.m. (Closed Fridays)

Ross Enterprise Center
1801 Kalberer Road, Suite 1
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Phone Numbers
office: (765) 494-2400
fax: (765) 464-2233

OnePurdue e-mail
onepurdue@purdue.edu (for project-related questions and comments)
You can also send messages directly from OnePurdue's home page. See “Contact OnePurdue” in the right column.

Campus Mail Building Code

For printable driving directions (with maps) from all four campuses to OnePurdue's office in Purdue Research Park, please visit the “Quick Links” section on the left side of the OnePurdue home page.

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