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October 2006
Issue 12
Members of the OnePurdue Training Team discuss the project's Help Web site. From left are Connie Bilyeu, director of training, and team members Ginger Walkup and Suzy Stueben. This month's issue of new@OnePurdue focuses on training, with news about the debut of OnePurdue training courses for University staff and answers to some frequently asked questions about training.
Photo of Connie Bilyeu, Ginger Walkup and Suzy Stueben
Photo by Steve Jones


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OnePurdue training courses debut
Three introductory OnePurdue training courses made their debut online early this month as training coordinators and others designated as enrollers began signing up staff for OnePurdue’s introductory courses. By the end of the first week of registration, about 1,700 employees had already been enrolled for more than 7,000 course slots.

Staff members now taking courses are those whose jobs will require them to use the financial and human resource applications that will be the first OnePurdue systems to be implemented. Those staff have been assigned to job-appropriate roles within the OnePurdue system and their roles dictate which courses they will need.

Connie Bilyeu, director of OnePurdue training, says training and enrollment has been split into two phases, with staff being registered for online introductory and process-overview courses now. The more complex courses, which will be offered either online or in instructor-led classroom settings, will be offered later, following a second phase of course enrollment.
Photo of Connie Bilyeu
Connie Bilyeu

“This gives our volunteer training coordinators a chance to learn the online enrollment system at a more relaxed pace,” Bilyeu says. “They also will have a smaller task initially because they won’t be required to enroll everyone in all their courses right away.”

Bilyeu also says that more online overview courses are expected to be made available this week.

“We are continually developing and completing course curricula,” she says. “Those who are enrolled in our initial overview courses are aware that some are not yet available. We are advising learners to check our training Web page frequently for updates on new courses being added.”

The first phase of enrollment began when three introductory courses went online Oct. 2. The initial phase of enrollment will end Oct. 20.

Courses available for registration during the first phase also include introductory navigation courses in OnePurdue’s SAPGUI (SAP Graphical User Interface) environment, which will be used by a minority of OnePurdue users. The first phase of enrollment also covers secondary, overview courses that provide a glimpse into commonly used OnePurdue processes.

All the introductory and overview courses will be available 24 hours a day indefinitely for staff to take and review as often as they wish. As a general rule, Bilyeu says overtime will not be allowed.

“Unless the overtime is approved in advance by a supervisor, it is not allowed. That’s in keeping with overall University policy on overtime,” Bilyeu says.

The second phase of enrollment will be coordinated with the yet-to-be-scheduled go-live date for the initial OnePurdue systems for finance and human resources.

For further information about OnePurdue training, including enrollment, course availability and a regularly updated list of frequently asked questions, please go to OnePurdue’s Training page.


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Answers to your training questions

Now that Purdue staff are beginning to take the first OnePurdue training courses, the Training Team has begun fielding many questions from the University community. To help communicate this information to as many as possible, a page of frequently asked questions about training has been set up on the OnePurdue Web site here: http://www.purdue.edu/onepurdue/faq/training_questions.shtml. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Q: Who should I contact for help with OnePurdue training questions?

A: Supervisors and employees should contact their area’s OnePurdue training coordinator. A roster of them can be found on the OnePurdue Training page.

Training coordinators should send an e-mail to oneptrain@purdue.edu or call (765) 49-46000.


Q: How were OnePurdue training course assignments determined?

A: The OnePurdue Training Team matched a combination of OnePurdue roles and department numbers to course content in order to identify the participants for each course. Please refer to a document titled “Course Selection Matrix” for more details. It can be found on the OnePurdue Training page.


Q: Where can I find the OnePurdue Course Catalog?

A: The current working version is published on OnePurdue’s Training page.


Q: How long will I have to complete their online training courses? Will I be expected to finish them within a particular amount of time?

A: The first overview courses will be prerequisites to the later hands-on classes, so people will need to finish them prior to attending the more detailed instructor-led and online classes. Of course, everyone will need to complete all their training prior to receiving access to the new OnePurdue systems.


Q: What if I have a question about role assignments?

A: The OnePurdue Financial Management and Human Resources Advisory Committees worked with the project team to assign current University positions to new OnePurdue/SAP roles. Advisory committee members closely coordinated this effort with Purdue leaders and managers in the affected areas. These were an initial role assignments, based on what is known about the OnePurdue systems today. It was made to enable fundamental business functions and system security needs. Any changes in role assignments must be coordinated through the appropriate advisory committee — either finance or human resources — and communicated to the OnePurdue Training Team.

Anyone who needs help with role assignments should inform their supervisor, who can take the question to the appropriate human resource or finance support channels, often your departmental business office. If you are unsure where to take your question, contact your area's OnePurdue training coordinator, who will help direct you to the HR or financial support. (Lists of training coordinators can be found on the OnePurdue Training page). Providing the following information will be helpful: your department, position title, name of the person assigned to the training or role in question, supervisor's name and the training or role to be addressed.


Q: How can I find out more about the specific courses?

A: The most up-to-date information about OnePurdue training courses — including what is currently available — will always be on the Training page of the project’s Web site. This page is updated often, so check back daily for new information.

To read more FAQs about OnePurdue training, click here.


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Meet the team
Photo of Kee Lee
Photo by Steve Jones

Kee Lee has worked at Purdue for the past 28 years. Born in China, she grew up in Hong Kong before coming to the U.S. in 1971. She later attended Northern Illinois University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Kee and her husband, Daniel, came to Purdue in 1978. She has served in various positions at the West Lafayette campus since then, including associate registrar for operation and production and senior information analyst for budget and fiscal planning in the Office for Institutional Research, where she worked for more than 14 years. At OnePurdue, she serves as a subject matter expert for registration and student records on the Enrollment and Student Affairs Team. Kee and Daniel, the director of the chemistry department’s Micro Analysis Laboratory, have been married for 32 years, and their daughter, Justina, is a Purdue graduate. In her spare time, Kee enjoys reading, traveling, watching TV and being with her family, relatives and friends.



Learn more about OnePurdue

Explore the OnePurdue Web site at www.purdue.edu/onepurdue. New content and updated information is added daily, so check back often for the latest news and information about this important project.


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How to contact OnePurdue
Business Hours
Monday — Thursday, 7 a.m. — 6 p.m. (Closed Fridays)

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Phone Numbers
office: (765) 494-2400
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OnePurdue e-mail
onepurdue@purdue.edu (for project-related questions and comments)
You can also send messages directly from OnePurdue's home page. See “Contact OnePurdue” in the right column.

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For printable driving directions (with maps) from all four campuses to OnePurdue's office in Purdue Research Park, please visit the “Quick Links” section on the left side of the OnePurdue home page.


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