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July/August 2006
Issue 10

University Stores Manager Mike Keller participates in the testing of a new business process procedure for physical inventory, a part of the Inventory/Warehouse module of OnePurdue's new financial software slated to “go live” later this year. The Finance Team has been getting help from several Purdue staff members in testing the systems.
Photo by Steve Jones


Photo of Mike Keller
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OnePurdue October release delayed

June town hall meetings address training, offer sneak peek at OnePurdue

Training information now available on Web

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OnePurdue October release delayed
As you may have already heard, the systemwide “go-live” date of the first OnePurdue software, originally scheduled for Oct. 2., has been postponed.

In a July 27 e-mail sent to all University vice presidents, deans, chancellors, department heads, directors, managers and coordinators, Purdue Executive Vice President and Treasurer Morgan R. Olsen explained that the release was being “postponed in order to ensure the reliability and quality of the systems.”

Release 1 is made up of the bulk of the new OnePurdue financial systems, which include modules for accounts payable, accounts receivable, procurement, funds management, grants management, plant maintenance, inventory and warehouse management, project systems, fixed assets and general ledger.
Photo of Morgan Olsen Morgan R. Olsen

In his message, Olsen said that a new release date would be formally proposed by OnePurdue project management during the week of August 21. At that time, the go-live schedule for the second phase of the project — Release 2 systems for benefits and payroll — also will be set.

“When state-of-the-art technology is being developed for a large and complex organization, as it is with OnePurdue, postponements and other course corrections are not unusual,” he said. “It is necessary for us to stay flexible through unforeseen schedule adjustments. “OnePurdue always will put quality first. In deciding on this postponement, we are choosing quality over scheduling priorities.”

As a result of this change to OnePurdue’s implementation schedule, the training schedule for some staff members will need to be modified as well, said Connie Bilyeu, director of training for OnePurdue. The OnePurdue training team is currently working to minimize the impact of these changes on staff and faculty. When new information about training and the training schedule is available, training coordinators assigned to various areas on each campus will distribute the information to supervisors.

Please check OnePurdue’s Web site and e-newsletter to stay up-to-date with new information about this important project.  The current issue of the newsletter is always accessible from the home page.

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June town hall meetings address training, offer sneak peek at OnePurdue
Photo of Connie Bilyeu
Connie Bilyeu (above) and Training Specialist Ginger Walkup (right) presented a town hall meeting about OnePurdue training June 28 in West Lafayette, one of five such events held during June at each Purdue campus.
Photo of Ginger Walkup
Photos by Steve Jones

More than a year after the project officially began in July 2005, training for the first OnePurdue applications will begin soon. To help future trainees get an idea of what to expect, the OnePurdue Training Team presented five town hall meetings in June providing details and answering questions.

Almost 900 people attended these events, which included a review of the types of courses that will be offered, different ways they will be taught, how training will be assigned so that employees get the courses that apply to their individual jobs and information about course registration.

According to Connie Bilyeu, director of training for OnePurdue, 43 courses will be offered to prepare employees for the first software release, when the bulk of the financial applications will “go live,” or into actual production. Training for the next release will be covered by 36 different courses.

Bilyeu said OnePurdue is taking a “blended approach” to training, with the complexity of the course topic determining the way it is taught. For example, basic concept, process and terminology overviews will be done with self-paced, Web-based instruction using WebCT Vista.

Straightforward, step-by-step procedures could be taught using either self-paced or instructor-led training on the Web. Complex procedures and critical content will be presented in hands-on, instructor-led courses.

“There is no one way to learn or train,” Bilyeu said.

During each town hall meeting, a member of Bilyeu’s training staff gave a brief demonstration of the OnePurdue applications. In addition, Bilyeu demonstrated OnePurdue’s online help system, which will offer post-training support.

The town halls were also a chance for the Purdue community to get answers to their questions:

Q: With enterprise reporting, will there be ongoing training support for Cognos?

A: We're taking our guidance from the Enterprise Reporting Advisory Committee on this. Our last understanding from them was that this tool will not be used at this time at the West Lafayette campus. The other campuses will, however, and have agreed to handle their staffs' training needs themselves.

Q: Are we all going to have to travel to West Lafayette for (instructor-led) training?

A: No. It doesn't make sense for flocks of people to travel all that way. We've begun talking with Calumet, Fort Wayne and North Central coordinators to find a way to handle this. Ultimately, they'd like to assume responsibility for training on their own campuses. One idea we’re exploring is to choose some key representatives now and ensure that they get into early classes; then for this first wave, we'll come up and team teach with them. After that, we'll provide support to them (learning materials, updates and such).

Q: Where can I take the Web courses and not be interrupted?

A: We hope to schedule computer labs for drop-in, quiet study.

Q: If I'm working on the Web courses in my office or in a lab, who do I call with questions?

A: The training team will have that information available before we open the Web courses for use.

Q: Who is teaching the instructor-led classes?

A: Because there are so many people to be trained in this first wave, we will need to hire SAP-experienced external instructors to supplement our staff. Classes will be taught by a combination of those folks paired with knowledgeable Purdue subject-matter experts, who will help provide the Purdue “color commentary,” that is, the context and processes specific to Purdue.

Q: What are we doing about longitudinal reporting that needs to combine data from DSS (Decision Support System) and other historical data sources with OnePurdue data?

A: A group is currently identifying what specific data will need to be extracted from both types of sources for these reports. We’re looking into creating a separate physical location that would house the extracts.

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Training information now available on Web

Looking for information about OnePurdue training? Go to the new training page on our Web site: http://www.purdue.edu/onepurdue/training/training.shtml. In addition to a list of OnePurdue training coordinators, there is a sample training registration worksheet and a course catalog. Soon there will be a link to register for classes and more information, so check back often.


Meet the team
Photo of Jahnavi Jilledumudi
Jahnavi Jilledumudi moved to the United States in 2003 from India, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering at Anna University the year before. She was working as a graduate assistant for ITaP’s Enterprise Applications unit while pursuing a master’s degree in education administration, which she received in May 2005, before joining OnePurdue a month later. A member of the project’s Data Migration Team, Jahnavi assists with OnePurdue’s data conversion and interface work. She enjoys reading, dancing and traveling, and recently enjoyed Memorial Day weekend in Yellowstone National Park. Jahnavi’s husband, Arun, is currently working toward a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering at Purdue.
Photo by Steve Jones

Learn more about OnePurdue
Explore the OnePurdue Web site at www.purdue.edu/onepurdue. New content and updated information is added almost daily, so check back often for the latest news and information about this important project.

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How to Contact OnePurdue
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OnePurdue e-mail
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You can send messages directly from OnePurdue's home page. See “Contact OnePurdue” in the right column.

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