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December 2005
Issue 5

Photo of Dan Fastenau Food Finder Dan Fastenau, treasury, endowment and fixed-assets expert on the Finance Team, helps load some of the goods donated by the OnePurdue Team for a food drive held in November for Food Finders, a local food bank. Project team members collected 1,724 items (totaling 1,464 pounds), which equates to about $2,328 worth of food and, more importantly, 1,101 meals. Food Finders Food Bank works to eliminate hunger by rechanneling food and nonfood items that might otherwise be wasted and redirecting them to nonprofit agencies that serve low-income people in mid-north Indiana. For information on how you can help, visit Food Finders’ Web site at www.food-finders.org.
Photo by Steve Jones


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Financial and HR blueprints approved; teams prepare for Phase III

PNC works together on OnePurdue

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Financial and HR blueprints approved; teams prepare for Phase III
Photo of Andy Waters Photo of Morgan Olsen
Realization Phase Approaching Left, Andy Waters, OnePurdue's senior director of ERP implementation, briefs the project team on what is next for the Financial and Human Resources components of OnePurdue now that their blueprint documents have been approved by Purdue Executive Vice President and Treasurer Morgan R. Olsen. Right, Olsen speaks to the team after signing off on the blueprints.
Photos by Steve Jones

The OnePurdue Executive Oversight and ERP Implementation Steering Committees received a briefing of the finished “blueprints” for the human resources and finance portions of the project at a combined meeting December 6. These are the documents that essentially spell out what OnePurdue will look like once fully implemented.

Purdue Executive Vice President and Treasurer Morgan R. Olsen later approved both blueprints.

Because the blueprint documents are hundreds of pages long, the presentation was a general overview of proposed changes and the impacts that are envisioned for the University as the project moves forward into Phase III, “Realization,” which officially begins in January.

(The Enrollment and Student Affairs Team currently is conducting its process-validation workshops, an essential part of drafting its own blueprint document, which is scheduled to be completed in March 2006.)

Before addressing the Finance and HR Blueprints for OnePurdue, Andy Waters, the project’s senior director of ERP implementation, touched on some anticipated universal improvements to the way Purdue currently conducts its business. These include:

  • Portals with which faculty, staff and students will access the new OnePurdue systems
  • New self-service functions that will empower everyone in the Purdue community
  • Real-time processing so reports will always be current and accurate
  • A single source of data to avoid the confusion and inaccuracies caused by multiple databases
  • Audit trails and a higher degree of security

Theresa Ashman, the functional team lead for financials, and University Comptroller John Shipley presented an outline for the Financial Blueprint, while Susan M. Davis, the functional team lead for HR, and John Beelke, director of Human Resource Services, talked about the HR Blueprint. (Both Shipley and Beelke serve on the ERP Implementation Steering Committee.)

The vision for the financial business-process changes at Purdue, Ashman said, “will assure the University’s financial integrity, streamline key business processes and allow Purdue to engage in more e-business activities than are now possible.”

Ashman touched on a number of benefits in the Financial Blueprint for business services in the areas of access to management information and the integration of subledgers. In addition, she talked about anticipated changes under OnePurdue in such areas as general ledger, travel management, grants management, procurement and budget planning and simulation, and their impact on the University.

Ashman also spoke briefly on the challenges ahead as the financial software is implemented in 2006, including the complexity of converting Purdue’s existing data to the new systems and the transition between October 2006, when almost all of the financial systems will be released, and January 2007, when the first payroll is scheduled to occur using the new mySAP ERP software.

Shipley gave an update on constraining policies for such things as budget policies, pooled benefit accounts, accrual accounting, effort reporting, electronic signatures, signature deletion and travel.

Davis talked about what will be changing for HR with its second release in January 2007. New processes will, she said, involve areas of recruitment, classification and compensation, employment transactions, benefits administration and payroll.

She also spoke briefly about the changes’ impact on Purdue, possible items for future enhancements and the challenges ahead.

Beelke talked about a few constraining policies pertaining to HR, including policies that will not change, changes facilitated by OnePurdue and other proposed changes.

Both Olsen and Provost Sally Mason made positive comments after the presentations, noting that the quality and comprehensiveness of the Financial and HR blueprints boded well for the project as it moved forward into its next stage.

Olsen formally signed off on the documents at a meeting of the entire OnePurdue team Dec. 7.

“This is a big step in the life of this project,” Olsen said, complimenting both the Finance and HR Teams for the work they had done to complete the blueprint documents and the OnePurdue Team as a whole.

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PNC works together on OnePurdue
Photo of North Central Steering Committee
The Purdue North Central OnePurdue Steering Committee (left to right): Dan Burns, assistant vice chancellor for Information Technology; Sue Miller, director, Human Resources; Robin Brown, subject matter expert for the Enrollment and Student Affairs Team; Carol Connelly, director Media & Communication Services; George Asteriadis, associate vice chancellor for Academic Affairs; Phil Jankowski, assistant vice chancellor for Business and Budget; Cynthia Roberts, assistant professor of organizational leadership and supervision; and Paul Johansen, manager, Information Systems. (Not pictured are Chris Brown, data specialist; Thomas Brady, department chair, engineering technology; and Larry Barrett, assistant vice chancellor for enrollment management.

When OnePurdue officially kicked off July 1 with its governance and advisory committees ready to work, Purdue University North Central decided to create a group of its own to help it stay on top of not only the project, in general, but also specific ways in which its campus would be affected.

The Purdue North Central OnePurdue Steering Committee, formed that same July, is comprised of PNC’s representatives to various project committees and the OnePurdue team itself. They discuss OnePurdue-related issues and concerns and update each other on what has been happening in all the members’ respective committees.

“Committee members meet weekly for an open exchange of information and ideas,” said Sue Miller, director of human resources at PNC and chair of the PNC OnePurdue Steering Committee. “We are very excited about the support and enthusiasm we’ve seen from our faculty and staff.”

OnePurdue Executive Director Gary Newsom was impressed by both the committee and its “OnePurdue Room,” a resource open to all members of the PNC community involved in various aspects of the project. Its state-of-the-art technology makes it possible to participate in videoconferences and conference calls. The room is also open for face-to-face meetings, including the weekly PNC OnePurdue Steering Committee meetings.

“This is a tremendous resource that will help people at North Central learn more about OnePurdue,” Newsom said.

The full committee includes: George Asteriadis, associate vice chancellor for Academic Affairs; Larry Barrett, assistant vice chancellor for Enrollment Management; Thomas Brady, department chair, Engineering Technology; Chris Brown, data specialist; Robin Brown, subject matter expert on OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs Team; Dan Burns, assistant vice chancellor for Information Technology; Carol Connelly, director Media and Communication Services; Phil Jankowski, assistant vice chancellor for Business and Budget; Paul Johansen, manager, Information Systems; Sue Miller (committee chair), director of Human Resources; and Cynthia Roberts, assistant professor of organizational leadership and supervision.

“We are fortunate that PNC leadership has given us the tools and resources to fully engage our campus in the OnePurdue change process,” Miller said. “We receive support and encouragement to review best practices and recommend changes to policies and procedures for improvement.”

Although PNC Chancellor James Dworkin is already a part of the OnePurdue Executive Oversight Committee, Miller said that having its own steering committee for the project gives the campus a more local feel of how the North Central campus will be uniquely impacted.

“Our group is working to keep our campus constituents informed. We send out monthly OnePurdue e-newsletters, will have strategically placed informational bulletin boards and are planning some ‘brown bag’ open meetings to discuss project updates as they occur. We will also be keeping our campus (student) newspaper, The Voice, informed so they have a point of contact for running stories about OnePurdue at North Central.”

These communication activities are in addition to this fall’s two town hall-style meetings at the campus, in which about 120 staff members participated, including senior administrators, administrative and professional staff, service and clerical staff, and faculty.

The next round of town-hall meetings (presented at all four Purdue campuses), entitled “An Overview of Changing Policies and Processes,” will be held early spring semester in 2006.

“The PNC staff is excited about the opportunity to adopt a fully integrated system and have made the commitment to adapt to a new way of doing business while continuing to provide outstanding service to our students,” Miller said.

“We are all working together to successfully move this process forward.”

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Meet the team
Photo of Pam Bower Pam Bower is a funds-management expert on OnePurdue’s Finance Team. Prior to joining the project, she was a business manager in the College of Agriculture, where she coordinated and supervised all business aspects of the departments of food science and agricultural & biological engineering, including sponsored programs, payroll, purchasing, budgeting and human resources. During her 20 years at Purdue, Pam has also served Budget and Fiscal Planning, the College of Engineering and the School of Veterinary Medicine. A lifelong resident of Lafayette, she enjoys flower gardening, relaxing in the sun, shopping and spending time with her husband, Jim, son Nicholas, and the family dog, Buster, who is a schnoodle — a cross between a schnauzer and poodle.
Photo by Steve Jones

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