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Definition Changes

1. The definition of first-time full-time students changed and was applied to Banner dating back to fall 2008. Previously, students with AP credits were excluded if they were classified as advanced standing (sophmore, etc). Starting in 2008, this cohort will include all first-time, full-time students despite advanced standing classification. This definitional change could result in data discrepancies depending on what cohort you use, and when you ran a report.

2. In the fall of 2011, reporting of race/ethnicity changed so that those students who are international (based on citizenship) would be removed from the population first and then race/ethicity figures would be calculated in order for the total to roll up. Previously, race/ethnicity figures were calculated after removing international students based on fee residency and therefore the sum of international and race/ethnicity breakdowns did not total the University enrollment.

Data Collection and Reporting Guidelines for Race/Ethnicity
Minority Reporting at Purdue

Common Data Set