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Purdue University Key Metric Data Dictionary

The Key Metric Data Dictionary serves as the authoritative source for common data definitions. The dictionary was built with input from many individuals across campus including the faculty, human resources, development, budget and fiscal planning, registrar's office, enrollment management, regional campuses, institutional research, data stewards, and the business intelligence community. A governance committee will meet quarterly to review, modify, and add definitions as needed. The governance committee is listed below, if you feel their are elements that need to be adjusted in the dictionary please contact the representative member of the committee.

Data Dictionary

Committee Members:

  • Chief Data Officer - Brent Drake
  • Accounting Services - Kathy Thomason
  • Admissions - Rebekkah Porter
  • Business Intelligence Competency Center - Aaron Waltz
  • Budget Fiscal Planning - John Higgins
  • College of Agriculture - Collin Steele
  • College of Engineering (school representative) - David Robledo
  • College of Health and Human Sciences (school representative) - Thomas Berndt
  • College of Technology (school representative) - Maria Drake
  • Data Stewards - Cheryl Gray
  • Development - Bob Meeks
  • Enrollment Management Analysis and Reporting - Monal Patel
  • Financial Aid - Joel Wenger
  • Housing and Food Services - Kevin Maurer
  • Human Resources - Joe Braun
  • Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Effectiveness - Maggie Dalrymple
  • Purdue North Central - Joe Ward
  • Purdue Calumet - Gillian Leonard
  • Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne - Bob Wilkinson
  • Registrar - Steve Lipps
  • Sponsored Programs - Stephanie Willis