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  2010 Common Data Set for Purdue University  
  G. Annual Expenses  
  Purdue answers are in bolded gold, although all options are listed.  
  Provided are the 2011-12 academic year costs for the following categories that are applicable to our institution.  
  G1. Undergraduate full-time tuition, required fees, room and board  
  List the typical tuition, required fees, and room and board for a full-time undergraduate student for the FULL 2011-12 academic year (30 semester hours of 45 quarter hours for institutions that derive annual tuition by multiplying credit hour cost by number of credits). A full academic year refers to the period of time generally extending from September to June; usually equated to two semesters or trimesters, three quarters, or the period covered by a four-one-four plan. Required fees include only charges that all full-time students must pay that are not included in tuition (e.g., registration, health, or activity fees.) Do not include optional fees (e.g., parking, laboratory use).  
    Public Institutions    
    First-Year Undergraduates    
  In-district: $8,893.20 $8,893.20    
  In-state (out-of-district): $8,893.20 $8,893.20    
  Out-of-state: $27,061.20 $27,061.20    
  Non-resident Aliens $28,061.20 $28,061.20    
  Required Fees $584.80 $584.80    
  Room and Board (on-campus) $9,896 $9,896    
  Room only (on-campus) $4,620 $4,620    
  Board only (on-campus meal plan) $5,276 $5,276    
  Comprehensive tuition/room/board fee (if your college  
  cannot provide separate tuition/room/board/fees)      
  G2. Number of credits per term a student can take for the stated full-time tuition. 8 minimum  
  G3. Do tuition and fees vary by year of study (e.g., sophomore, junior, senior)? No  
  G4. If tuition and fees vary by undergraduate instructional program, describe briefly:  
  Engineering requires an additional $1,300 fee.      
  Management requires an additional $1,384 fee.      
  G5. Provide the estimated expenses for a typical full-time undergraduate student.  
      Commuters Commuters  
    Residents (living at home) (not living at home)  
  Books and supplies $1,330 $1,330 $1,330  
  Room only Not available Not available Not available  
  Board only Not available $1,590 Not available  
  Room and board total (if your college cannot        
  provide separate room and board figures        
  for commuters not living at home):        
  Transportation $250 $1,440 Not available  
  Other expenses $2,180 $2,180 Not available  
  G6. Undergraduate per-credit-hour charges (tuition only): 1-7 credit hours    
      Public Institutions    
  In-district   $336.10    
  In-state (out-of-district)   $336.10    
  Out-of-state   $916.25    
  Non-resident Aliens   $916.25    
  Common Data Set: 2010-11 Academic Year