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OEPT Retest Policy

If a student does not meet the required score for certification, the preferred option for those students who score 40 or 45 is for the student to be enrolled in ENGL 62000, "Classroom Communication for International Teaching Assistants.” Students completing the course consistently report improvements in their spoken English that positively affect their work as teaching assistants, their graduate studies and professional development. Click here for information about enrolling in ENGL 62000.

If a student was ill on testing day or did not have access to test prep materials ahead of time, it may be appropriate to retest. In these cases, the department should request a retest within 7 days. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Students who score 35 may retest after six months.  Students are also encouraged to consider the options listed on our list of Community Resources in ESL.