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What opportunities are there to meet other adult students on campus?

  • The moral is to take part in all that you can, and do not miss out on college life a second time.
  • Have fun and make the most of your years at Purdue.  
  • It is most important to have friends to spend time with in between studies. If you get "IN" with the right group that is associated with Purdue you will be more likely to stay a student. 
  • Join the Purdue Adult Student Network. You will meet fellow nontraditional students and learn about the Span Plan scholarships, and learn about other things at Purdue.
  • I feel the more that I got involved, the more I enjoyed school. Some things for new Span Plan students to consider are clubs, societies, and intramural sports.
  • I think that clubs are the easiest and quickest way to meet new people, and they also allow for each individual's unique personality to be displayed.