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Helen B. Schleman Scholarship

Application deadline February 15th

Scholarship award $1000

The requirements of this scholarship are listed below:

  • Be an adult nontraditional student
  • A minimum 2.2 GPA
  • Registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Complete FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to evaluate level of financial need
  • 2 letters of recommendation*
  • Essay**

*Please provide two letters of recommendation.  Possible sources are:  professors, instructors, teaching assistants, pastor, volunteer coordinator, and current or former employer.  Letters of recommendation must be created as a Microsoft Word document and emailed directly to odosscholarships@purdue.edu by the author.  Please have the author write Helen B. Schleman Scholarship in the subject line.  Click here for a sample email that you can send to your reference.  Letters must be received by the application deadline.

**Personal Essays

Type your responses to the following in a Word document to save to attach to the application.

Section 1 - Prior Education
Please provide the following information about each high school you attended:  name, address, dates attended, and graduation date. Please provide the following information about any institution of higher education attended after high school:  name, address, degree or certificate objective, major/program, and credits earned.

Section 2 - Work Experience
Please list past paid work experience beginning with your most recent position.  List full-time, part-time, and summer employment.  Include the following information:  name of employer, dates of employment, employer address, and your job responsibilities.

Section 3 - Community, Campus, and School Activities
Please list any volunteer work, clubs, religious, music, drama organizations, or other activities you have participated in since high school in order of importance.  Include the following information:  name of activity, number of years, dates of participation, and responsibilities, positions, or awards earned.

Section 4 - Essay
Please address the following:

  • Briefly describe your educational objectives.
  • Why do you want to earn a bachelor's degree?
  • Why do you want this scholarship?
  • What family and/or community support (financial or other) do you feel you will have to complete your education?
  • Are there any unique circumstances or special achievements you wish to have considered?
  • Give us any further information about yourself that you believe would help in our selection of a scholarship recipient.
  • Please limit this section of the essay to 1000 words.

For application instructions please click here

To access the online application click here

To access the FAQ click here