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Span Plan Testimonials from Purdue Employees

Diane Camberato - Horticulture/Greenhouse Technician VII

As a new member of the Lafayette community, it was difficult to know where to begin once I made the decision to seek full time employment after a long absence to raise children.  I heard about the Span Plan through the Purdue Women's Club, and called to see if they had any services for adults in my situation, with a degree, but not sure of the best way to use it in a new environment in a new era of employment.

I found that there was a lot of assistance available, beginning with counseling services.  I was able to take a personality profile and interest survey, update my resume, and navigate the particulars of the Purdue University employment process without learning by trial and error and wasting time on ineffective strategies.  In an age of impersonal communication through computers, it was nice to have a human resource to ask questions and get feedback from.  The service is very geared to one's individual situation, and helped to give me confidence that I was moving forward toward my goal.

I am very grateful for the assistance provided, and was able to secure employment here at Purdue in my field.