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Span Plan Testimonials from Purdue Employees

Beverly Davis – Associate Professor at Purdue, Statewide Tech Campus

I was lost when I initially started the process at Purdue. Admissions did not know what to do with me because I had been out of school for over ten years. I found Span Plan and Peg Sullivan and that changed everything. I had the career counseling I needed, I was connected to other adult students who were also enrolled at Purdue, and I ended up using the system throughout my Purdue days. When I decided to go on to graduate school, I again contacted Peg Sullivan and Span Plan and found all the information and good advice I needed to continue on. After I became a professor at Purdue, I contacted Peg Sullivan again to suggest ways I could engage my adult students considering the road to a degree at Purdue and she was there for me once again.

What has (does) Span Plan mean to me? It meant the difference between giving up and keeping on the path to a Purdue degree and career.