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Grants and Scholarships Application Information

The Span Plan Adult Student Services program offers four funding opportunities. Each opportunity has its own set of qualifying criteria. All are available on the same online application. Please read through the eligibility criteria for each. Check the box next to any scholarship or grant of interest to you. Once you select and endorse the criteria, further instructions will open to complete the application process. The application is only available online. To apply:

  1. Go to the following application link: https://sp.itap.purdue.edu/ssta/spgrants.
  2. If you get a prompt to login, your username must be prefixed with onepurdue\. You will use the same user name and password that you use to sign into myPurdue.
  3. Scroll down the page to locate the link to the application page, click to access the application.
  4. Click on “add document.”
  5. Select the academic period (the semester the funds will be applied) from the chart provided. If you do not choose an academic period, the application will not become live.
  6. Complete the demographic information.
  7. Select student level.
  8. Select U.S. resident or international student
  9. Follow the instructions for documentation of financial need.
  10. Click on the grant and/or scholarship application(s) you want to apply for.
  11. Click the checkbox for each criterion that applies to you. If all the criteria apply to you, more instruction will open regarding essays and letters of recommendation if you are applying for scholarships.
  12. Letters of recommendation and scholarship essays are due by the application deadline. Complete instructions for submitting them are on the online application. If instructions are not followed, the letter and essay cannot be used.

Late applications will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions online at https://sp.itap.purdue.edu/ssta/spgrants.