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Span Plan Testimonials from Purdue Employees

Amy Cade - Discovery Park Proposal Specialist

Finding myself single again, and in need of being able to be self-sufficient, I quickly realized that there was more to my abilities than just my typing skills.  The realization that my under utilized abilities would only become beneficial with a college degree from Purdue University created the spark to begin the journey.  Fortunately, SPAN Plan Adult Student Services was located just down the hall from where I worked in the Office of the Dean of Students and so there was no reason to not check it out.  While the SPAN Plan Grant was a great source of financial assistance, the real source of encouragement came from the SPAN Plan staff who were always very supportive and able to direct me to valuable resources across campus.  Now that I have graduated and moved on, I still feel that SPAN Plan is an outstanding resource for any non-traditional student who has decided to accept the challenge of obtaining their degree from Purdue.  In fact, my sister is now working on her Purdue degree thanks to the SPAN Plan Adult Student Services.