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On-Call Team (OOT)

Purdue University is committed to providing a safe educational climate that supports and encourages the personal, professional and academic success of each individual student. With a large university community of students, faculty and staff, the Office of the Dean of Students realizes emergency incidents will occur and these events often have a significant effect on the larger community. Such critical incidents require an effective and timely response.

The Office of the Dean of Students has developed a specialized administrative response system with staffing for an On-Call Team (OOT).  The team consists of staff members trained to respond to critical incidents involving and impacting students. These incidents may be sudden, unexpected, and overwhelming incidents that cause death, significant injuries, or disrupt operations and cause physical or environmental damages.  While not inclusive, the following list exemplifies the types of situations that may be addressed by the Office of the Dean of Students On-Call Team (OOT): 

  • Death of a student (on/off campus)
  • Serious injury/illness/contagious diseases
  • Assault/abuse/violence
  • Mental health crisis
  • Unanticipated events such as an accident or an act of nature resulting in injuries, significant damages or displacements
  • Special handling of international incidents
  • Missing student

The purpose of the OOT is to respond to the immediate needs of the students impacted by an emergency incident and to ensure appropriate support services are provided during and following the incident. The Purdue University Police Department will activate the Office of the Dean of Students On- Call Team when an incident has occurred. The OOT members respond to incidents as representatives from the University assisting the students with any immediate concerns but do not act as first responders. 

 The team members will:

  • Provide assistance and support to Purdue University students impacted by a critical incident.
  • Send out a chain of communication for notification of campus officials, on duty departments such as University Residences and Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Work collaboratively with outside persons, agencies and entities such as The Red Cross, police and fire departments, hospitals, the coroner, media and others engaged in the crisis.
  • Offer helpful, sensitive and humane responses to the crises 
  • Educate students about available University and community resources
  • Support student success by coordinated assistance during the crisis event

The ODOS On-Call Team (OOT) may be reached by calling the Purdue University Police Department at 765-494-8221.