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Golden Taps Ceremony

Purdue's Golden Taps ceremony is a time to honor students who have died in the past year, and to reflect upon their unfinished Purdue experience. Golden Taps is held annually in April in Academy Park, at the site of the Unfinished Block P. This nondenominational program allows friends, family, and the Purdue community to gather in remembrance and tribute of lives lost so young.

On April 15, 2014, family, friends, students, faculty and staff will gather in the Great Hall of the Purdue Memorial Union at 8:45 p.m. The Dean of Students will greet those gathered and explain the history and significance of the Golden Taps Ceremony and the Unfinished Block P. Those attending will then proceed to Academy Park outside Stewart Center. Drummers and buglers from Purdue University Bands will set the tone for the event. At the ceremony site memorial cards will list the names of the students being remembered. Each student's name will be read, a candle lit by members of the Purdue Student Union Board, and the Gimlet Society bell will toll once for each student being honored. A few moments of silence for personal reflection follows, then "Echo Taps" will be played by buglers from the Purdue University Band. The Purduettes from the Purdue Musical Organizations will conclude the ceremony by performing the "Purdue Hymn," which hails the University as "cherished in memory by all her sons and daughters true"...words that capture the spirit of Golden Taps and honor the memory of young lives full of hope and promise. The Boilermaker Special, the University's official mascot, will stand nearby in silent tribute. After the ceremony, a reception will be held in Room 118 of the Purdue Memorial Union. There, President Mitch Daniels will present families with a Golden Taps certificate, as well as a replica of the Unfinished Block P, provided by Iron Key.

Golden Taps is a collaboration of the Office of the Dean of Students, University Residence Halls, and the Purdue Student Union Board.

For more information regarding Golden Taps, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students, (765) 494-1252.