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Scope of Services

The Student Assistance Center (SAC) is an area of the Office of the Dean of Students, which is a department within the Division of Student Affairs. SAC serves as a centralized resource for connecting students with the appropriate university and community programs, offices, and individuals. SAC serves as the portal through which students access the full array of services offered by the University. 

SAC provides guidance, advice, and support to navigate the sometimes complex layers of the University. Based on our student development experience and our knowledge of the University, it is our primary mission to provide support, advocacy and resources for students as they work to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals.

SAC staff members work to address students’ needs through a variety of interventions, as well as through outreach, referrals, and follow-up services. SAC also provides support, general information and outreach to faculty, staff and the Purdue community. 

SAC provides the following services: 

  • A centralized source of information and referrals for students, faculty and staff
  • Advocacy on students’ behalf, as appropriate, with the goal of empowering and assisting students in learning how to self-advocate and enhance decision-making skills
  • Interpretation of University policies
  • Absences and notification letters to faculty
  • Disbursement of emergency loans
  • Withdrawals and cancellations of classes
  • Assistance for students on academic probation & drop status
  • Information and management of Dean of Student affiliated scholarships
  • Support for students who are away from the campus due to illness, personal or family emergencies
  • Response to student emergencies and coordination with other University and community organizations, as appropriate

The Student Assistance Center is also an appropriate place to report a concern about the well-being or safety of a student or to refer students who are not certain of where else to go to address their concern.

During regular business hours, 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm Monday thru Friday there is a staff member available to see students who walk in, call, or email our office.