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Promoting Responsibility, Integrity, and Respect

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is to promote responsibility and encourage honesty, integrity, and respect among Purdue students through education, compliance through behavioral standards, and support of individual rights. To sustain this mission we are committed to:

  • Work collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to create an ethical and safe environment in which scholarship may flourish.
  • Promote good citizenship among students and administer conduct standards in a fair, respectful, and equitable manner.
  • Disseminate and interpret University regulations and standards to students, faculty, parents, and the general community.
  • Promote compliance with the spirit and intent of the Purdue Bill of Student Rights and University Code of Conduct.
  • Serve as a resource and information agency for students, faculty, staff, parents and others concerning student rights and standards.
  • Facilitate, with dignity, the resolution of concerns and disputes at the lowest level possible.
  • Serve as an advocate for, and resource to, student victims of crimes, harassment, and other traumatic experiences.
  • Guide students toward a greater sense of personal responsibility and mature and ethical behavior that enhances the quality of the University and community environment.
  • Provide counseling and educational experiences to assist students in making appropriate choices concerning behavior.

Functions and Services
Toward fultillment of the OSRR mission, the following functions and services are primary:

  • Administer student misconduct cases.
  • Administer educational sanctions for conduct violations.
  • Educate students, faculty, and staff through presentations, publications, and other media to help prevent behavioral problems on and off campus.
  • Advise and educate students concerning their rights as students and as citizens in the community through counseling, presentations, publications, and other media.
  • Offer conflict/dispute management.
  • Address student records issues (FERPA), perceived unfair/improper treatment by instructors and other staff, and interpretation and application of University policies and procedures.
  • Serve in an educational/consulting capacity to faculty and staff concerning student issues through presentations and individual consultation.
  • Serve as a resource office for parents to address student issues and concerns.
  • Provide assistance and counseling to victims and those accused of violations.
  • Increase outreach and services regarding drug and alcohol issues, sexual abuse offenses, and academic integrity.
  • Facilitate the processing of student grievances as appropriate.