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Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR)

A civil environment provides the best learning environment! The mission of the OSRR is to promote responsibility and encourage honesty, integrity, and respect among Purdue students through education, compliance with behavioral standards, and support of individual rights. As a multipurpose service focusing on student rights and standards, the OSRR has the following core functions:

  • Administer the code of student conduct
  • Serve as a consultant to and resource for students, faculty, staff, and parents concerning student conduct expectations and rights, University policies and procedures related to student life, and equitable treatment of students
  • Assist and counsel victims and those accused of conduct violations
  • Offer conflict/dispute management
  • Facilitate the processing of student grievances as appropriate


The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) is responsible for adjudicating cases of alleged violations of the code of student conduct.  OSRR uses educationally focused procedures when addressing student misconduct.  OSRR may impose sanctions for misconduct including oral or written warnings, disciplinary probation, probated suspension, suspension, or expulsion.


The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Schleman Hall of Student Services, Room B50
475 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2050
ph:      765-494-1250
fax:     765-494-5888
email:  osrr@purdue.edu
B-Involved with Student Activities and Organizations
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