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Be a Member of the Community Standards Board


The Community Standards Board (CSB), which is organized by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, is charged with adjudicating student conduct cases that could result in suspension or expulsion for the charged student. Each conduct case is heard by a panel of five members (two faculty or staff, and three students) all of whom are volunteers from the CSB trained membership. The role of the CSB panel is to listen to all presented information in a conduct conference, asks questions to gather more information and fill in any gaps, and deliberate to determine a final recommendation of responsibility for the charges and appropriate sanctions for the charged student. The recommendations of the panel are then sent to the Dean of Students for final review. The CSB conduct conference process is a vital part of maintaining the integrity of a Purdue University education and what it means to be a Boilermaker.

Any Purdue student is invited to apply; however we do have some selection criteria. Applicants are expected to be at least part-time students, and must be in good standing with the university. Applicants are allowed to have a prior discipline history so long as all sanctions are completed.

Expectations of CSB Members

  • Attend CSB trainings (approximately 8 hours total)
  • Volunteer for a minimum of two CSB conduct conferences per semester (approximately 3 hours each)
  • Maintain good academic standing with Purdue University
  • Maintain a minimum of part-time status with Purdue University
  • Avoid violation of the Purdue University Code of Student Conduct

Apply Here: