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Types of Tutoring

In-House Tutoring

HORIZONS mandates that 65% of the program's participants major in science, technology, engineering or related fields. Therefore, we are permitting students to receive tutoring in all their core math and science courses. Core is defined as 100 and 200 level courses. All math and science tutoring will take place in the HORIZONS' office, during office hours, 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

You will be able to schedule a specific time and day to receive tutoring. You may receive weekly, per course, 1 hour of tutoring, plus 1 hour extra for an exam. Walk-in tutoring is also available. Before you can receive tutoring, you must sign up for and attend an orientation session.

Walk-In Tutoring

A schedule of walk-in tutoring hours will be posted in the HORIZONS office after the third week of each semester. The schedule is subject to change without notice. Students are asked to come in to the office for walk-in opportunities. Please do not call the office to try to schedule an appointment.

Independent Tutoring

Independent tutoring is available for those courses that are not available in the HORIZONS In-House tutoring. Most students seek independent tutoring in spanish, economics, and computer science, but we will try to the best of our ability to find a tutor in the course that you may need help in.

Independent tutoring is on your own time. It is important to mention that you and your tutor will arrange the days and the times for tutoring. You are responsible for letting your tutor know if you can't make it to the session. Your tutor will not be paid if you do not show up, so it is very important that you notify your tutor in advance.

To receive independent tutoring, please fill out the Tutoring Application and bring it to the HORIZONS Office, Room 230, Schleman Hall.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is geared towards providing additional instruction and assistance in math courses to increase student success. At HORIZONS, we have designed SI courses in two major areas of mathematics. The first area is Algebra and is for students enrolled in MATH 153. The second area is Calculus and is for students enrolled in MATH 223.