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Tutoring Policy

Student Responsibility In-House

  • The students will attend a tutoring session once a week.
  • If students are going to miss a tutoring session, they must speak with the tutor personally a day in advance of the absence or call the Horizons' office at 494-7094 to leave a message at least 2 hours before the session is to take place.
  • If a student misses 2 sessions in a row or 2 out of 3 sessions, the student may lose the scheduled, weekly appointment. The student will still be able to receive walk-in tutoring, if the tutor is not busy with another student.

Student Responsibility Independent

  • If a student is receiving independent tutoring and misses 2 sessions in a row or 2 out of 3 sessions, even if the student has cancelled the appointments, the student will no longer receive tutoring for that semester.
  • Students receiving Independent tutoring are responsible for calling the tutor, not the office 2 hours before the sessions are to take place.

Tutoring through the Horizons Program is available only to students participating in the Horizons Program. If you are not a Horizons student please call our office for a list of campus tutoring resources available to you.