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CPT 111 - Computer Literacy - is meant to be a computer fundamentals course. Although some prior computer knowledge would be helpful it is not necessary. CPT 111 will begin with an examination of the microcomputer better known as the PC or IBM compatible computer. Basic hardware and software will be discussed. However, this course is intended to assist the student in using the computer efficiently and effectively in other classes. Course Syllabus.

GS 199R - Strategies for a Successful First Year - is intended to equip the beginning student with the necessary tools for success at Purdue University. The course consists of three parts. Part i is a one-hour per week lecture format focusing on college study skills. Part 2 is a two-hour per week laboratory format titled Community Building Lab. Part 3 is a one-hour per week meeting focusing on improving math, science, or reading skills called Supplemental Instruction (SI). The SI sessions will not begin until the third week of class and will be held at the same time and place as the study skills lecture. The SI section that is assigned will depend on what math or science course the student is enrolled in or the need for improved reading skills. Course Policies and Syllabus.

GS 199J LAB - is designed to assist first-year students to become acclimated to Purdue. In an experiential learning environment, various topics related to first year concerns are explored such as values clarification, career exploration, time management, goal setting, and diversity. these topics and others work together to form a community building lab designed to assist the student in making positive connections with other students, HORIZONS faculty, and Purdue University. Course Syllabus

GS 490T - College Math and Science Tutoring - is offered by Purdue University, West Lafayette, Division of General Studies, Fall Semester. This course prepares students for CRLA Level 1 Certification.

Course Requirements:

  • 10 hours college tutoring practice (practicum)
  • 2 hours observing tutors at work (practicum)
  • 1 hour supervisor observation/debriefing (practicum)
  • 1 special topic presentation
  • 4 reflective journal entries, in threaded discussion format, based on topic discussions and debriefing with other tutors

Tutors who want to register must submit a Supervisor Approval Form, signed by a qualified Tutor Supervisor. Qualified Tutor Supervisors agree to facilitate tutor group discussions and document completion of practicum. Course Syllabus.

EDPS 301A - Peer Counseling Training - assists the student in developing mentoring skills. The focus is on leadership, interpersonal communication, student development, and campus resources as they relate to the HORIZONS students. The student will be encouraged to develop a specialty mentoring area that the student may develop programs for in the following practicum semester. Course Syllabus.

This course is the first part of a peer mentoring seminar. The second semester of the peer mentoring seminar may only be taken with satisfactory completion of part one. With successful completion of both parts, students will be awarded certification as a HORIZONS Peer Counselor and may participate in subsequent semesters if they wish.

EDPS 301B - Peer Counseling Training - is the second part of the peer mentor training. This course may only be taken after satisfactory completion of part one. With successful completion of both parts, students will be awarded certification as a HORIZONS Peer Counselor and may participate in subsequent semesters if they wish. Course Syllabus.

The peer mentor will assist with the community building labs (GS 199L) that each freshman HORIZONS' student takes his/her first semester. The peer mentors will be encouraged to practice skills they learned previously in leadership, communication, assertiveness, conflict resolution, and counseling.

EDPS 490C - Career Opportunities - is a one-hour course designed to develop a living resume, letter writing skills, and interviewing skills. Although all HORIZONS students are welcome to take this course, freshman are particularly encouraged. This course will help you decide on a career path, produce a well-crafted resume, create well-written correspondence, and greatly enhance interviewing skills. EDPS 490C will meet for one hour, once a week, and we will use Word to write a resume and a cover letter. In addition, one taped mock interview will be required. Course Syllabus.