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When students choose to become a Horizons participant, they are mandated to complete 2 or 3 credits of GS199 Strategies for a successful freshman year instructed by staff. Once students successfully complete the GS Course they are given the opportunity to enroll in additional course opportunities. All courses are listed below:

GS 19900 & 49000 Strategies for a Successful Freshman Year: This course is intended to equip first semester freshman with the necessary tools for success at Purdue University. The weekly lecture focuses on college study skills, goal setting, financial literacy, and campus culture.

GS 19900 Life and Career Development Lab – This course is designed to help students develop a strong understanding of who they are as an individual and how that information impacts educational and vocational goals. The course utilizes assessment, self-reflection, career exploration activities, and group discussion to facilitate this process. The lab is a mandatory component of the GS 19900 course and is worth 40% of the student’s overall course grade.

GS 19900 Supplemental Instruction (SI) - SI is assigned to all incoming freshmen enrolled in Horizons GS 19900 or GS 49000. More than 90% of the students are placed in a math SI course.  Those students not enrolled in math either attends study tables or have the option of receiving SI in another STEM field subject.  Each SI course is taught for 50 minutes once a week during a scheduled lecture time and is mandatory (20% of their GS course grade).

EDPS 301: Peer Mentoring I Training: The training component of this course assists students in developing mentoring skills. The focus is on leadership, interpersonal communication, student development, and campus resources as they relate to the Horizons students.

EDPS 301: Peer Mentoring II Practicum:  During the second semester the trained peer mentors are immersed in the classroom alongside students to help peers cope with the problems that arise as a first-year college student. Mentors will facilitate instruction of the GS199 Lab component by sharing personal experiences, leading small group discussions and assisting students with activities. Mentors will also meet weekly with the course instructor to reflect on the week’s classes and any issues that arise with their students.

EDPS 490: HORIZONS Service Learning Experience: This course offers students an opportunity to participate in an extended volunteer opportunity in the Greater Lafayette area with the goal of personal, civic, and career development. The volunteer experience is paired with a class designed to help students reflect on the work they are accomplishing at their site and how their time spent volunteering relates to their broader collegiate experience and their impending vocational search.

EDPS 490: HORIZONS Service Learning Abroad: This course provides students an opportunity to participate in a global service learning experience. The course allows student to be immersed within a larger community and connected to the world outside oneself and to learn about commitment and reciprocity through service learning. This is a three week course during summer semester and is dependent on grant funding through the Office of the Provost.

Student Abroad 2012 Experience took place in Cape Town, South Africa

Student Abroad 2013 Experience took place in San Jose, Costa Rica