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Academic Counseling

The staff at HORIZONS is all about getting you off to a good start, keeping you in school, and providing you with services until your graduation. Many freshmen have a difficult time in making the transition from high school to college. During their first year on campus, anywhere from 40% - 70% of students drop out of school. We are here for you from your freshman year through graduation, providing you with the help you need.

Career Counseling

HORIZONS offers a variety of career services from actual counseling to referrals to campus career agencies for internships and job placements. The Career Counselor's responsibility is to assess the needs of HORIZONS' students to help them find their best match based on their interests, skills, personality, characteristics, preferences, and experience. The career counselor uses a variety of tools and measurements to assess students such as the MYERS BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR and Strong Interest Inventory, as well as personal counseling. Most students in for career counseling are trying to decide on a major.

Personal Counseling

HORIZONS has a trained counselor on staff whose responsibility is to offer one on one counseling for students with a variety of concerns from roommate conflicts, stress, mild depression, lack of motivation, and relationship issues to name a few. HORIZONS staff will seek out students when necessary to refer students to qualified specialists on campus when they have severe emotional distress or highly technical mental or behavioral conditions.