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Test-Taking Strategies

Strategies for Multiple-Choice Questions

  • Cross out incorrect options.
  • Watch out for absolute terms (always, never, only). Absolute terms are usually wrong.
  • Look for options that are more complete (all of the above, both a and c). These are usually correct.
  • Eliminate unfamiliar-looking terms.
  • Eliminate jokes and insults.
  • When options are a series of numbers, eliminate the highest and lowest.
  • The correct answer is often one of two similar looking options.

True-False Strategies

  • Each part of the statement must be true, or it is false.
  • Watch out for absolute terms (always, never, only).  These are usually false.
  • Watch out for double-negatives “not” plus a negative (prefix – un, dis).  Cross out both negatives and then read the statement.
  • Assume the statement is true unless you can determine it is false.
  • Statements tend to be false because an incorrect reason is given or no reason is given at all.

Matching Strategies

  • Cross out both term and the explanation – visually eliminate the amount of information that must be read.
  • Begin with the column that has the most words (usually the right column), read the first item, then match with a shorter term from the other column.