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Taking an Exam

  • Upon arrival (preferably 5 minutes before exam start time) students must put their personal items in either a locker or on the shelf.
  • This includes cell phones, which must be completely turned off (not just on silent mode or vibrate).
  • Student must bring and show staff their valid photo identification before exam can be taken. A Purdue University ID, driver’s license, state ID, Passport or other issued identification card with your name and photo on it is acceptable.
  • If student is more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled exam and has not contacted DRC Testing, DRC Testing staff will consider this a "no show" and will notify the student and the instructor concurrently. In order to reschedule the exam, the instructor should contact DRC Testing after speaking with the student.
  • Students must conform to general University policies relative to examinations.
  • Suspected or confirmed cheating will be reported immediately to the instructor.
  • Being caught with a cell phone is considered cheating.
  • Proctoring will be handled by DRC Testing staff directly or indirectly via a camera surveillance system.
  • Head phones, ear plugs and a limited amount of clocks are available, but will only be given upon request. They will not be in the cubicles. (More information about clocks: The availability of personal clocks may be limited and are available on a first come, first serve basis. If students do not need a clock, we request that they do not take one. We highly encourage students to bring a watch to keep track of their time in case a clock is not available to them.)
  • DRC Testing can provide electronic or live readers and scribes for those students who qualify for those accommodations.
  • Scratch paper is also available upon request.
  • Restroom Breaks: Students may use the restroom during their exams. However, their time does not stop for restroom breaks unless it is in their Accommodation Letter or has been approved by their Accommodation Specialist. Restroom breaks will be communicated to the instructor when returning the completed exam.
  • If restroom breaks are in the student’s Accommodation Letter, they must indicate this when they schedule their exam by checking the appropriate box for that accommodation. This is so that we can try to seat the student in the testing center appropriately.
  • FOOD: There is NO food allowed in testing areas except if students have food allowances in their Accommodation Letter. The student must note that when scheduling their exams. The student must indicate this when they schedule their exam by checking the appropriate box for that accommodation. This is so we can try to seat the student in the testing center appropriately.
  • We understand that for finals students can be in DRC Testing for three to six hours. We suggest students eat before the exam. Or if the student needs to eat right before or between exams, they need to plan accordingly.
  • DRINKS: Drinks must be in clear, see through container and have a lid in order to enter the testing area. Drinks without lids are not allowed.
  • CLOCKS: Personal clocks are a tool to help students keep track of their time. DRC Testing Staff documents the time students begin and tracks the student’s official time. DRC Testing Staff will collect the student’s exams when the student’s time is up according to the official time; not according to the student clock’s time.  *Cell phones will not be permitted to be used for a timer.
  • Items NOT allowed in the testing area (unless specified by instructor or the department)
    • Cell phones
    • PDAs or equivalent electronic devices
    • IPods, MP3 player or equivalent electronic devices
    • Laptops
    • Books
    • Notes
    • Calculators
    • Hats
    • Mechanical Pencils (unless provided by DRC Testing)