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Tactile Diagram Manual

The Tactile Diagram Manual (2002) contains collected guidelines and techniques used by Disability Resource Center illustrators to transcribe print diagrams into tactile images on microcapsule paper. It is used in the DRC facility as both a training manual and a reference book. 

These standards have been refined over six years while creating, on average, over 1000 diagrams per semester. The Disability Resource Center has built on the research and drawing principles developed for other media such as thermoform, foil, and dot images. In addition, the DRC has listened closely to Purdue students who have provided direct feedback on what has and has not worked for them as they have read the materials and studied for their classes. Because the students are our clients, the end users of our product, they have had a strong voice in the standards that have been adopted.

The guidelines presented in this booklet are just that: guidelines. No one training manual can prepare the tactile illustrator for all diagrams which he or she will be asked to transcribe. The most effective training method is to provide the illustrator with basic guidelines and principles that can be applied to a variety of situations. 

The Tactile Diagram Manual is available below for free download and open distribution. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view and print the PDF files. A braille editor is needed to view the BRF file. A braille embosser is needed to emboss the BRF file. In order to print the braille version of the appendix diagrams, follow steps 2-5 on our page titled Printing Diagrams.

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