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Study Hints

  • Self-Motivation: In college, you don’t have a teacher to constantly remind you of assignments, etc.
  • Time Commitment: A successful student needs a minimum of TWO additional study hours for each class session. Have a specific study time and place.
  • Organization: Have an organized study plan and materials.
  • Be an active listener: Ask questions about what you read and hear.
  • Concentrate in class and when studying.
  • Set mini-goals – pace yourself. What does the professor expect and when?
  • Know each set of class requirements. What does the professor expect and when?
  • Take as many notes as possible and review notes ASAP. An individual loses 80 percent of what is learned if not reviewed within 24 hours and then semi-reviewed as needed.
  • During study sessions, combine lecture notes and reading notes. This is when learning really happens. . . .you have to THINK!
  • Learn to use memory techniques. Constantly try to associate new information with something you already know.
  • Be test “wise”. When you are having difficulties, don’t wait until finals to learn test taking strategies.
  • Seek help immediately! Don’t wait until the last minute to seek assistance when you are having difficulties with class material.