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Student Responsibilities

  • Understand and be able to explain to someone else how your condition(s) affect you.  Be especially able to explain your condition and its impact on academic activities.  Communicate personal understandings of your disability, any relevant information related to academic/personal/social challenges you experience, and request any needed accommodations or assistance.
  • Pick up your DRC Accommodation Letter each semester for in-class accommodation requests.
  • Communicate with your instructors to discuss and arrange your accommodations.
  • Be responsible for:
    • Communicating with University staff and faculty in a timely manner;
    • Scheduling and keeping appointments;
    • Initiating conversations with instructors to reach understandings for approved accommodations; and
    • Meeting academic and DRC timelines. 
  • Schedule your accommodated testing needs through DRC Testing after you have reached agreement with your instructors;
  • Ask for help! Be assertive and seek assistance if needed to find academic and personal resources you may need (i.e., study sessions, Math Help Room, Academic Success Center, Writing Lab, ADHD Solutions Group, DRC Peer Mentor Program, CAPS counseling). Don’t wait!
  • Obtain information from the DRC to help you with University procedures, policies, and resources regarding disability issues.
  • Be accountable for:
    • your communication;
    • deadlines regarding your accommodations; and
    • your academic performance.