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Service Animals

Students who utilize service animals as an accommodation are allowed on campus, provided the following requirements are met:

  • It is recommended that owners (students) of the service animal be a registered student with the Disabilities Resource Center. However this is not required.
  • The owner (student) must verify that the service animal will perform tasks beneficial to the owner (student).
  • Certification of the animal’s professional training would be helpful, but is not mandatory.
  • The owner (student) who is accompanied by the service animal is responsible for its stewardship (behavior, care and well-being), must obey animal welfare laws (such as leash, cruelty or other similar regulations) and is liable for any damage done by the service animal.
  • Service animals may be denied to enter sterile environments such as Purdue Research Laboratories and other areas where protective clothing/sanitary conditions are necessary.
  • Service animals may be denied entry to classrooms/labs where there is a danger to the service animal.  This may include areas that have material that may be hot, sharp, high levels of dust, or where there is moving machinery.  (Access to areas that are off limits to service animals may be granted on a case by case basis.)

NOTE: Should the service animal be uncontrollable and cause a disturbance, safety or health threat to the University community, the animal will no longer be permitted on campus.